Lady - Tattoowise

Parthenon Noire 178b Nocturnal beauty at

retro tattoo lady

Nocturnal beauty at the Parthenon
Mask Digital Work fore

gypsy lady skull tattoo

Digital Work fore see more images, click here
and do it. hey, look at

lady wrist tattoos

hey, look at this.
pop out boobies sometimes i wish

lady skull tattoo

sometimes i wish i could do this. screenprint sort of based on an old tattoo design/optical illusion
Lady in Red This young lady

lady tree tattoo

This young lady was sitting on a little grassy knoll right in a spot of sunlight between a couple of trees, sipping a Caribou coffee and reading a book. Somehow, that struck me as the ideal thing to do on a nice summer evening in Chicago. Every single day. Except, of course, I have to work. Taken w/ D60 Nikkor 50mm F2.
Telescope Tears are often

tree lady tattoos

Tears are often the telescope by which men see far into heaven.

Three random tattoo ideas

colour on my arm A work in

tattoo in progress arm

A work in progress. This is after the second session where we added some colour.