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Green is Lucky

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Corey Miller from the LA Ink crew It was interesting

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It was interesting to hear his reaction to the crowds at the festival. Hundreds of people were waiting over an hour to get their photos taken with Kat et al, and Corey was surprised that so many turned out. He said that with all the working and shooting, they don't get to experience the fan response like that.
High Voltage Tattoo. Day Nineteen. September

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Day Nineteen. September 23rd, 2010. My father was able to visit Kat's shop during his business trip in California. I was quite envious. This went well with my newly blackened hair. This is not a good picture due to the lighting, but the sentimental value it holds is worth more to me than the picture itself.
Kat Von D 9/10/2007

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TE KELO MAMI....  love is forever Rie_realidmuppet

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Pixie and I Don't we make

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Don't we make a lovely couple? You're right, she would be the perfect wife for me, but I didn't have the guts to propose (and I have a sneaking suspicion she'd have turned me down).
Me and Hannah Aitchison 5 Working on the

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Working on the mantle's shading.

Three random tattoo ideas

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2007 photo to be used on my blog
Koi tattoo Just finished session

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Just finished session one!