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Rob's tattoo op arm Een Ramakien Thai

hanuman laos

Een Ramakien Thai Tattoo, Hanuman. Dit is de arm van Khun Rob
Hendrik's Siambird Tattoo De krut siambird

laos hanuman

De krut siambird van Hendrik
Khamu smoking woman Laos The Khmu is

laos tatoo

The Khmu is one of the largest ethnic groups based in northern Laos. They can also be found in Myanmar, southwest China, Thailand, and Vietnam Khamu women can be seen everywhere in the villages, at the markets, or on the roads, smoking tobacco (before it was opium) in very nice silver pipes. The Khmu are an agricultural society, although hunting, trapping and fishing are parts of the Khmu lifestyle as they live near the rivers. Most of the agricultural work in Khmu villages is done communally, but rice harvest is generally done by the women. Only the old women still wear the indigo blue clothes… © Eric Lafforgue Contact Download my free I-Phone App Follow me on Twitter
Bus doodle The reason this

laos tattoo art

The reason this tat fascinated me is that all the tats here in Laos are home-made, look like a child's drawings (and therefore good subjects for my level of doodling). Novel courtesy of the wonderful Ms Jamjar, who posted it to Viet Nam for me. :)
Monk with tattoo © 2009 Florencia

laos tattoo pic

© 2009 Florencia Saluzzo. All rights reserved. My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my permission.
Anthony and camera, outside Luang Prabang-June 2005 [sự tiêu tan

tatoo de laos

[sự tiêu tan hy vọng] with camera pre-biking trip through greater Luang Prabang
Laos: Vientiane Mönch beim Zubereiten

tattoo laos picture

Mönch beim Zubereiten einer Süssspeise aus Reis und Zucker
Next stop: countryside

tattoo in laos

Three random tattoo ideas

IMG_2769 Summer at the

maori shoulder tattoo design

Summer at the Mount
Monje en Ayutthaya | Tailandia Un monje tatuado

tatoo of thai buddha

Un monje tatuado en Ayutthaya, nos ofreció compartir un plato de arroz en símbolo de amistad, por más que no compartíamos el mismo idioma. La foto fue tomada en el año 2001 y digitalizada el año 2012.