Larkspur - Tattoowise

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Mohawk Cool I thought this


I thought this guy's mohawk was cool, and asked if I could take his picture. Colorado Renaissance Festival in Larkspur, 6-27-09 Submitted to Thursday Challenge's "male" theme 7-2-09
Steampunk Girl © Chase Hoffman

picture larkspur tattoo

© Chase Hoffman Photography. All rights reserved View On Black
Anthony Bourdain's Tattoo This is my

tattoo with larkspur

This is my money shot: In response to Jeff's question about whether Tony actually got a tattoo in Tahiti and if so, may we see the evidence.
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Three random tattoo ideas

not very new but unphotographed it's tricky to

tattoo of an umbrella

it's tricky to take a picture of the back of your arm.. The owl is from August last year by Nille of Salvation Tattoo and the two umbrellas below him and the one to the right is from September by Johan of Big Fat Joes. The other ones are old.
Phoenix in Flight: Tattooed Woman Art by Sherrie

drawn flames tattoo

Art by Sherrie Thai of Shaireproductions.
getting inked Dark photo, but

name tattoo tash

Dark photo, but you can still make it out. That's me at Illicit Tattoo Studio, getting inked =) My first tattoo!