Larkspur - Tattoowise

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Mohawk Cool I thought this


I thought this guy's mohawk was cool, and asked if I could take his picture. Colorado Renaissance Festival in Larkspur, 6-27-09 Submitted to Thursday Challenge's "male" theme 7-2-09
Steampunk Girl © Chase Hoffman

picture larkspur tattoo

© Chase Hoffman Photography. All rights reserved View On Black
Anthony Bourdain's Tattoo This is my

tattoo with larkspur

This is my money shot: In response to Jeff's question about whether Tony actually got a tattoo in Tahiti and if so, may we see the evidence.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Julia - Cowgirl Julia asked yesterday

tattoo for a cowgirl

Julia asked yesterday if i would like to shoot some pictures. Its always great when a pretty girl wants to shoot. I had one idea i wanted to do with her for the longest time but it would of been messy and i wasn't in the best mood for a messy photoshoot. She asked me about sunset pictures and that sounded like a good idea. when i told her i would need her to be at my house by 4 so we could make it to the beach in time she said there was no way she could make it. She didn't end up showing up til 7 long long after the sun had set. I really didn't want to do an indoor portrait on a black ground again. While they are pretty interesting i feel i have done way to many of those lately and i wanted to shoot on location. Since it was pitch black outside my options were kinda limited. She wanted to do a cowgirl type of shot but needed a location. I remembered seeing a white fence with long weeds
Custom tattooing by Kirk Nilsen - Crown&Anchor - NJ Custom tattooing by

traditional sailor jerry rose tattoos

Custom tattooing by Kirk Edward Nilsen II Crown&Anchor 626 Ocean Road Point Pleasant, NJ 732-295-1654 @kirknilsentattoos - instagram
+ 1 Girl 4 Styles + Ma modèle, Charline,

shooting star

Ma modèle, Charline, durant un shooting sur différents thèmes vestimentaires.