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Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas Nevada This is what

latina with tattoo

This is what happens in Vegas ! IN THE DARK Ohhhh La la...;)
Melhor ser colocada na cama por um vilão do que acordada por um príncipe. Better be put

latina style tattoo

Better be put on bed by a villain than awaked by a prince. View On Black Twitter?
IMG_5511 At Lowrider Tattoo

latina tattooed

At Lowrider Tattoo Studios watching this Latina girl getting tattooed part 2.
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tattoos latina

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aloof doesn't begin to cover it the model is

latina tattoos

the model is crow this is the henrietta series new orleans, louisiana
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latina with a full back tattoo

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K&M070908 0256 Karina, modestly wearing

latina back tattoo

Karina, modestly wearing white

Three random tattoo ideas

Forger Bang, bang, bang,

forge me not tattoos

Bang, bang, bang, *ouch*. I learned this weekend that the Germam word "nagel" means both the nail on your finger and the nail you bang into the wall. This leads me to believe that them having the same name is not a coincidence, but actually there must be some common link between the two things. The only link I can think of now leads me to believe that the word "nail" (and thus "Nagel") really means -"Anything you hit with a hammer". I shall be contacting the Oxford English Dictionary first thing on Monday morning.
Boredom. Don't have any

hand diamond tattoos

Don't have any actual tattoos (yet) so I like to stick with doodling all over my hands for now. This is just one of the many vandalism shots of my hand.