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 Wizard of Ink

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Wizard of Ink Lewes Road, Brighton
forgiveness tattoo Tattoo by Nate

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Tattoo by Nate Johnson Southside Tattoo & Piercing 1597 White Way East Point, Ga 30344 (404) 781-8000 www.SouthsideTattoo.net
Aphrodite Slim Typeface / HypeForType Fonts Available at HypeForType:

script lettering

Available at HypeForType: www.hypefortype.com/aphrodite-slim.html Aphrodite Slim Pro is not just a lighter version of its sister Aphrodite Pro. Aphrodite Slim Pro has duplicated the quantity of characters of its partner, and that means more than 500 new glyphs, reaching a total of more than 1000. More delicate and meticulous, Aphrodite Slim Pro is once more a new typography with deep calligraphic ideals: We immersed ourselves into the world of each calligraphy ductus and each calligraphy masters by studying from decoration to lettering books. This was the key for the logic of Aphrodite Slim's behavior.
"Sing" tattoo design by Denise A. Wells 'Sing' Tattoo Design

pretty lettering

'Sing' Tattoo Design including a musical score, muscial notes and hearts bursting from the word. This design is made using my Custom Flower Font. ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸Happy Holidays to you and yours!!¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ The following is a link to my Custom Tattoo Designs FAQ's Link - answers to the most comonly asked questions about design requests: blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&frie... You can contact me for your custom tattoo design at denyceangel_40@yahoo.com ♥♪ ♥¸.•*´¨´¨*•.¸ ♥♪ ♥♥♪ ♥¸.•*´¨´¨*•.¸♥♪ ♥♥♪ ♥♥♪ ♥¸.•*´¨´¨*•.¸ ♥♪ ♥♥♪ ♥¸.•*´¨´¨*•.¸♥♪ ♥♥♪ ♥ More of my art work can be seen at: www.myspace.com/denyceangel666
Lettering Tattoo Paulo Madeira
Tattoo Artist

life lettering tattoo

Paulo Madeira Tattoo Artist and BodyPiercer www.paulotattoos.com
feb 27 lines Ragz Rejected Katalist

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Ragz Rejected Katalist Konsepts 218 Linden St Ft Collins CO 80524 970-472-1675 ragz1138@yahoo.com
life www.mishamack.com

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dreamer_lettering_tattoo by Chris Posey


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by Chris Posey Southside Tattoo 1597 White Way East Point-ATL, Ga 30344 (404) 781-8000 www.SouthsideTattoo.net
Cover-Up script to Koi fish James Danger Harvey,

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James Danger Harvey, The Skin Gallery Tattoo, 5739 Auburn blvd Sacramento CA 95841, tattoo, 916-247-3538, cover up, arm, color, script, lettering, koi fish, before, during, finished
Signs Hand painted signs,

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Hand painted signs, this is the real deal. No computers, just a paint bush and a man with a lot of talent. Get yours today! www.facebook.com/papajoestattoo www.myspace.com/10eyesfixed www.papajoestattooflash.com
Blood Sweat And tears Tattoo Studio Blood Sweat And

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Blood Sweat And Tears Tattoo Studio / Logo / 2008 / Various Print www.jeffreyharp.com
Ruel Patawaran Ruel Patawaran of

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Ruel Patawaran of Maweh Artworks
tattoo do jonas lettering free hand

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lettering free hand
"Believe" Tattoo Design by Denise A. Wells Contact me for

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Contact me for your own custom tattoo design at: denyceangel_40@yahoo.com This is an excerpt from the original email request: *♥♥♥* *♥♥♥* *♥♥♥* *♥♥♥* *♥♥♥* "I am currently in graduate school for planetary sciences, focus in space physics, space weather, but I first received my undergraduate degree in meteorology....I have acquired such a love for space, the stars, the world, how everything "works." " "The word "believe" to me means, believe in the world, believe in love, life, the true meaning of beauty is your own uniqueness, believe in yourself.....life is a journey and that you will only find your peace from within..." "Believe in your dreams, for they will inspire you beyond your wildest expectations. Believe that heartfelt passion leads to unstoppable drive....Just believe......" *♥♥♥* *♥♥♥* *♥♥♥* *♥♥♥* *♥♥♥* More of my ar
love you tattoo www.harrydrawspictures.com/blog

alphabet tattoo lettering

I Love My Grandmas They're Awesome Around my lower

awesome tattoo lettering

Around my lower left forearm it reads, "I Love My Grandmas They're Awesome". It was done by Marvin Silva at Kustom Kulture Gallery & Tattoo.

Three random tattoo ideas

New dawn tattoo design for opp foot Copyright Catherine Johnson

nautical sparrow

Copyright Catherine Johnson 2009/10
After the rain VIEW ON BLACK!

first and middle name tattoos

VIEW ON BLACK! I wish I would have spent more time on this! I saw a bunch i could have fixed, sharpened, etc. BUT i might re-edit it and re post :)
happy birthday to me artist: suluape steve

geisha tattoo com

artist: suluape steve , owner of pacific soul tattoo. Geisha: The word literally means 'art person' Geishas are immaculately and sumptuously dressed in ornate and expensive kimonos. Not a strand of hair is out of place, their white facial make-up is perfect. Their manners are not only impeccable but delicate and calm, in keeping with the ideals of feminine beauty that they embody. In modern Japan, geishas have been transformed into symbols of traditional values. In the west, the geisha has become a symbol of the exotic grace and beauty of the East. happy birthday to me.