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Mrs Eaves @ Temporäre Kunsthalle Foto: Alexander Blumhoff

germany tattoo letters

Foto: Alexander Blumhoff
My abc practice for today. Practice lettering during

tattoo design drawing letters

Practice lettering during some free time this morning.
Us Murrell's Inlet, SC

words letters tattoos

Murrell's Inlet, SC
A long night Gestrual writing with

calligraphy letters

Gestrual writing with a Condor fountain pen.
Piece fo Battle! Bombing iz tha

drawing letters tattoo

Bombing iz tha word...
Mrs Eaves @ Badeschiff in Berlin Treptow

letters design tattoo

in Berlin Treptow Foto: Alexander Blumhoff
Mission Accomplished Lettering for a

type of tattoo letters

Lettering for a poster.
ELC SWAG Evil letters crew

sick tattoo letters

Evil letters crew
tattoo live as if

cool letters for tatto

live as if you dream forever. and dream as if you live forever.
lilie  tattoo by kirk

custom tattoo letters

tattoo by kirk sheppard Vancouver BC Canada www.kirksheppardtattoos.com www.kidsplayingwithskulls.com www.kirksheppardtattoos.blogspot.com
Detail of a window installation at the Signed, Sealed, and Delivered art show curated by Erin

letters drawings tattoos

curated by Erin Rembert at Revolution Tattoo, Chicago mahaloclub.blogspot.com/ www.revolutiontattoo.net/
Livin' is Prison - Tattoo Design "Livin' is Prison

tatto letters

"Livin' is Prison When You Live Around Clowns" - Nas
Ms. Imel's Demeter - Gridfilm I'm partial to

tattoo letters numbers

I'm partial to this one out of the two. And I'm partial to sector L-3
Tattoo Tattoo artist making

tattoo letters on people

Tattoo artist making tattoo, toned image DG-Lifestyle-Grooming
Book Simply says 'book'!

tattoo persian letters

Simply says 'book'!
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Three random tattoo ideas

 Patricia Gea Contato:


Patricia Gea Contato: patricia.gea@gmail.com
2008-10-27 Henry Rollins Ah, Henry Rollins.

tv stars tattoo

Ah, Henry Rollins. If you were into hard-core punk in the 80's.. Chances are, you were listening to his band, 'Black Flag'. These guys made their name raging against authority. But that was a long time ago. Hank's added a lot to his resume since his "punk icon" days. We're talking, Spoken-word artist, Television host, Author, Social activist, USO performer, and let's not forget, hater of George W. Bush. Coming up, Henry's got three T.V. specials on the go at IFC. And he's back on tour spouting off about one of his favourite topics: Dubya leaving office. Check out his interview with George here - www.cbc.ca/thehour/videos.html?id=907123927
tattooed beach dude grimace nantasket beach, hull,

foto of tattoos

nantasket beach, hull, MA, summer '05. (best viewed large.)