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Shark Tattoo Bogota, Colombia. Who


Bogota, Colombia. Who owns this tattoo?

Three random tattoo ideas

Arretsu Commission on Gaiaonline.


Commission on Gaiaonline.
me puedes decir porque? why we make

tattoos of stars on the neck

why we make mistakes?the three stars on my neck are a "friendship tattoo" the only thing in my life i wish i could take back
wendy's tattoo - goldfish i love my

goldfish tatoo

i love my tattoo! i got it last night at tattoo mark's in souderton. frank did an awesome job! it's based on a print by Cricket Press called "Goldfish", which you can see here . the text above the girl says "fluctuat nec mergitur", it's latin which means "she is tossed by the waves but she does not sink". the goldfish extend around to the front of my arm, which you can see in the next picture.