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Shark Tattoo Bogota, Colombia. Who


Bogota, Colombia. Who owns this tattoo?
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Three random tattoo ideas

element tattoo supplies tattoo machines Modern workhorse with

caveman tatoo

Modern workhorse with the ancient style of the art in tattoos. the Cave Man Elite tattoo machine defines the professional tattoo artist taste when it comes to a 10-wrap coil machine, able to tune as a liner or shader. Adjustable tattoo machine parts like the 4mm pro contact screw and compatible front post, strong front vice, Pro back posts compatible with MONO clip cord and a set weight of 10 oz. Be confident and sure to rely on this heavy duty workhorse to work with for hours. Find Here
my tribute to my dad in memory of

tattoo of forgetmenot

in memory of my wonderful father who passed away sept 16 2006
England football fan with great tattoo UEFA EURO 2012.

england three lion tattoo

UEFA EURO 2012. Sweeden vs England. June 15th. Fanzone in Kiev