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Shark Tattoo Bogota, Colombia. Who


Bogota, Colombia. Who owns this tattoo?
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Three random tattoo ideas

Berlin Tattoo Convention (049) - 03-05Dec10, Berlin (Germany) [Taken in Berlin

beautiful hip photo

[Taken in Berlin (Germany) - 03Dec10] See all the photos of this convention in this set : 03-05Dec10 - Berlin Tattoo Convention [Event] See all the body art photos in this set : [Body Art] See all the random portraits in this set : Portraits [Random]
Tattooed Toddler yeah some

tattoo trees on back side yeah some of us blog shit. Oh and start paying attention to the tags... It ain't just subliminal.
In the slums of Yangon, Myanmar Street scene. Dawbon

burmese tatoo

Street scene. Dawbon slums, Yangon, Mynamar, August 2012. Dawbon Township, one of the most densely populated areas in Yangon. The area of less than 2 by 2 km hosts 73.000 people, but many more live illegally in the quarter. It is just across the bridge, maybe 3 kms away from the downtown, and this distance takes you to another reality, the real city away from poshy hotels and spacious mansions around city lakes. Dawbon has been built up on the citys former dumping site and the quarters appearance reflects the dire situation of the population: roads are hardly accessible due to mud, garbage and faeces; the families live in small and cramped huts without any access to water or sanitation. Domestic water has to be collected from ponds and drinking water needs to be purchased every day. During the rainy season the area is regularly flooded, leading to a further aggravation of the situation. Majority of the municipality’s money goes for the city center. Dawbon remains neglected by local authorities, it’s considered perhaps as yet another place where economical migrants come to settle, since it is a bit cheaper than elsewhere in the town. I’ve seen "slums" around the world. I’ve been surprised to see the amount of hospitality offered to me, as well as the prevailing sense of security while men tattooed from toes to ears, people looking fierce, laugh and chat with you. This country is so special, one of a kind, unique. Some information taken from Malteser International that works in Dowbon.