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Shark Tattoo Bogota, Colombia. Who


Bogota, Colombia. Who owns this tattoo?
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Three random tattoo ideas

6-14-08 Day 673 of

tattoo otto

Day 673 of 365 More . Didn't really have an idea for a shot today.I was sitting around managing some of my project wonderful ads on my laptop and working on coloring the next comic, when Otto, Steph's cat, climbed up on the couch right above me head. Sometimes its just a moment like that where inspiration is born and you get a shot. Tess our other cat would have freaked out and ran as soon as I climbed up there with her. 365 days
 model : Daniel

muscle tatoo

model : Daniel Pina
Just Hangin' (Edit: Take a

hang ten feet tattoo

(Edit: Take a look at the Faux Lomo Version of this photograph here: LomoFaux Hang Girls ) (A place where people play with people playing(bonus!))While on my photogamer quest I stopped at a beach to photograph some wind surfers. These two girls were having a fun time taking photos of each other and playing on the beach front playground area. I took some pictures of them with their own cameras and they were awesome enough to let me snap a few for myself for photogamer. Thanks Jessica and Katie!!!