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Shark Tattoo Bogota, Colombia. Who


Bogota, Colombia. Who owns this tattoo?
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Three random tattoo ideas

"Sacred Heart" Tattoo 2 A close up

chest rose tattoos

A close up view of my new heart. Tattoo by Terri Morgan, Socal Tattoo, San Pedro, California. Tattoo was just done today, 08/28/06.
Making New Friends at the Missoula County Fair Blue haired model

tattoo hipster

Blue haired model on the second floor of a fun house, Missoula County Fair.
element tattoo supplies tattoo machines Chrome Tribal 200-Series

tattoo tribal shading

Chrome Tribal 200-Series Tattoo Machine is ideal for apprentice or experienced artist. Assembled with standard tattoo machine parts that can easily be replace at no hassle. Weights around 6-7 oz making your tattoo experience smooth and painless. Quick to tune as liner or shader Find Here