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Lilac City Tattoo Expo 2009 Larry doing micro-dermals

lilac tattoo city

Larry doing micro-dermals on a girl's back dimples. Piercer at The Missing Piece May 2009
Tatoo girl She has a

tatoo lilac

She has a tatoo on her right leg
NH Lilacs a little puffy.

lilac flowers tattoo

a little puffy. photos by the lovely Ryan/maisonwares
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Three random tattoo ideas

Danish word tattoo Livet går videre..

life goes on

Livet går videre.. Translation from danish to english = Life goes on..
207/365 2009.7.26 Geez....1000 words.....I can't

shoulder peacock tattoo

Geez....1000 words.....I can't imagine anyone would want to listen to me to ramble on for that long about this shot, but 'tis the name of today's FGR game! I am pretty sure this will be the last shot of this tattoo for while (I'm sure everyone is getting sick of seeing it, but I love it!) as I'm getting another one in a couple of weeks. I have it narrowed down to 2 designs and just need to commit to one or the other. I'm confident that I am not alone in this, but I always get a ton of questions from people with they find out that I have tattoos. Most of the questions are along the lines of "don't they hurt?", "how did you pick the design?" and "why on earth would you get that done?". I shall do my best here to answer those questions. I have been fascinated with tattoos for as long as I am remember....the history of the art, the meaning of various symbol
lizard1 tribal lizard UV

uv tribal

tribal lizard UV tattoo