Lilac - Tattoowise

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Lilac City Tattoo Expo 2009 Larry doing micro-dermals

lilac tattoo city

Larry doing micro-dermals on a girl's back dimples. Piercer at The Missing Piece May 2009
Tatoo girl She has a

tatoo lilac

She has a tatoo on her right leg
NH Lilacs a little puffy.

lilac flowers tattoo

a little puffy. photos by the lovely Ryan/maisonwares
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Three random tattoo ideas

Hum tattoo The buddhist seed

buddhist hum tattoo

The buddhist seed syllable "hum" tattooed on my spine. My first ever tattoo!
taurus bull cover up tattoo this is another

tattoos bull

this is another cover up of an old unwanted tattoo done by dublin ireland tattoo artist 'Pluto'
Left Wrist 2010 Hipstamatic App

swallow tattoo on wrist

2010 Hipstamatic App