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Lilac City Tattoo Expo 2009 Larry doing micro-dermals

lilac tattoo city

Larry doing micro-dermals on a girl's back dimples. Piercer at The Missing Piece May 2009
Tatoo girl She has a

tatoo lilac

She has a tatoo on her right leg
NH Lilacs a little puffy.

lilac flowers tattoo

a little puffy. photos by the lovely Ryan/maisonwares
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Three random tattoo ideas

sid the artist this is another

tiger tattoo draw

this is another photo of my friend sid. you can read more about him in my previous entry . i had an interesting conversation with him while we were driving around and he was expressing his thoughts towards modern tattooing. with the advent of all the new television shows that have popularized tattooing now everyone and his brother wants to be a tattoo artist. only they are forgetting one very important part of the title ... artist. he was telling me about how so many tattoo "artists" never actually practice their drawing/painting/skills or do any type or art but instead only focus on the mechanical side of tattooing. i share this only because it relates so well with this photo. here you see sid taking time to actually draw and practice his skills even after years of working the trade. listening to: the white stripes - white moon iammikeb
Finished Outline 3 hours later!

thistle and tattoo

3 hours later! Still another few sessions until complete!
Dead dreadlock 23/03/2010 - Antes

sol de tattoo

23/03/2010 - Antes de ayer decidí cortar mi dreadlock que tenía desde hace 7 años, pero antes le sacamos una última foto.. Foto: Mauro Giordano ♥♥♥ Edición: yo