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Lilac City Tattoo Expo 2009 Larry doing micro-dermals

lilac tattoo city

Larry doing micro-dermals on a girl's back dimples. Piercer at The Missing Piece May 2009
Tatoo girl She has a

tatoo lilac

She has a tatoo on her right leg
NH Lilacs a little puffy.

lilac flowers tattoo

a little puffy. photos by the lovely Ryan/maisonwares
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Three random tattoo ideas

St. Petersburg 20Jul070001 laying on the

virgin with angel tattoos

laying on the couch one night we were relaxing in St. Petersburg, we didnt relax much
''α & Ω'' diseño tattoo 
dibujo tinta, papel

flash tatuaje

dibujo tinta, papel 32x47cm Dibujo para tattoo a mi amigo John key. hombro, brazo izquierdo rodeando con franjas. ABAJO FOTOS DE LA PRIMERA SESION TATTOO saludos! mas detalle
armband a number of

tattoo tribal armband free

a number of nice tattoos can be seen on display at a Toga Party these days.