Locket - Tattoowise

shading, roses & leaves are done took 3.5 hours

roses and heart locket tattoo

took 3.5 hours - going back in 2 weeks for the rest (another 3 to 4 hours she reckons)
jade elie ...woohoo - SOLD!...

pink locket tattoo

...woohoo - SOLD!... vintage locket, elephant cabochon with fun vintage lucite beads.
Lockheart First ever attempt

heart locket tattoos tattoos

First ever attempt at tone, on my upper left thigh
cupids arrow and snake tattoo I tattoo @Tattoo

tattoos heart locket

I tattoo @Tattoo Boogaloo 528 Green St. San Francisco, CA 94133 (415) 391-1053
Back Almost fully healed

heart locket and key tattoo

Almost fully healed :)
JESSICA PIANI www.modelmayhem.com/1123753 © All

heart and locket tattoos

www.modelmayhem.com/1123753 © All rights reserved - Please don't use this image without my permission
Newest Tattoo Locket & Key

key an locket tattoo

Locket & Key I went to the tattoo shop whilst on vacation with nothing in mind, and this is what Jesse came up with... i wound up LOVING it. Nov 25th 08
roses and locket done 9/09 www.theoceanwar.com

key and locket tattoo

done 9/09 www.theoceanwar.com 2 sittings, shoulder blade
Locket. This is locket


This is locket number 2, I have a lot more drawn up depicting various women's faces/heads, would be most down to do a few of these at the B-Town Convention in Jan.
Miss Fear Flash Sheet this is just

locket and key tattoos

this is just a jumble of my current favorite tattoo flash designs. Most of these can be found on my deviant art page at after-the-funeral.deviantart.com i think the gypsy or the snake is my favorite
key lock locket roses traditional tattoo Tattoos By JR

rose and locket tattoos

Tattoos By JR Linton At Hellcat Tattoo in West Palm Beach www.hellcattattoo.com

Three random tattoo ideas

194/365: At a glance  This is my

friendship feet tattoos

This is my tattoo, i got it when i was 17. The first time i got it i was at a friends house (yeah i know big mistake!) and it turned out horribly the out line wasn't solid it had flowers in the middle and they were ugly. Then i got it redone by a friend who owns a tattoo shop and he fixed it for me! But more than the tattoo, the actual ink, i love my tattoo bc every time i see it i think about how lucky i am to have amazing friends and people in my life. My two best friends and I all got these stars together on our ankles. They are all different but they are all stars. We have been though thick and thin together since the 6th grade. We been there for each other though break ups and death, truth and lies. And it doesn't matter if i don't see them for days , months, or years when we do see each other it's like we didn't miss a thing. and I love them...I love all of my friends i am e