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QUEM DISSE QUE NÃO PODE Ser gorda/Linda????/

tatuagem loka

Ser gorda/Linda????/
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Three random tattoo ideas

My Mummy, My Mummy Where ever I


Where ever I go, he goes. My Mummy, my mummy....My Mummy and me... This one is on my (Matt) leg - tattoo work by Rev. Charles Cain. Mummy design by Gris Grimly.
Tribal Heart For custom art

tribal tattoo hearts

For custom art and prints contact me: binaryconsciousness@gmail.com www.chris-williamsart.com Join my Fanpage on Facebook for more updates: www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/pages/Christopher-N-W...
202/366 Hugo told me

man wing tattoos

Hugo told me it was an honor to have me take his photo, after countless mugshots showing an emotionless man he stated; it was good to know that his expression on the outside matched how he felt on the inside. Content with his place in the world, where he has been placed and blessed by each new person he meets. 105mm 2.5 AI f4 1/125 +1 ISO200