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QUEM DISSE QUE NÃO PODE Ser gorda/Linda????/

tatuagem loka

Ser gorda/Linda????/
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Three random tattoo ideas

first ink... my best friend,


my best friend, Fokker, (her nickname) just got her FIRST tattoo AND she got it on her side, which is pretty brave. *when I got my sides inked i had big biker dudes coming up to me saying... wow, you're a tough girl! ha. i was sitting, more like hovering!, around her during the process and this came out to be my most interesting shot. :-)
tatoo temporary hena tatoo...i

hena de

temporary hena tatoo...i made it when i was in New York
My new tattoo! Done by Matt

tree fall tattoo

Done by Matt at Sacred Art in Corvallis, Oregon In case it's not obvious, it's the 4 seasons...