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QUEM DISSE QUE NÃO PODE Ser gorda/Linda????/

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Ser gorda/Linda????/

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Nike x Patta Air Max 1 "Purple Denim" 5 year Anniversary - Tier Zero 2009 [#1 of 4

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[#1 of 4 shoes in the series] This color-way: 256 pairs worldwide. So how was I able to get a pair of these TZ Patta's that were only available in-store, at Patta in Amsterdam? On any normal day I would share my news and findings with everyone as I normally do. In this scenario though, I will have to keep my mouth sealed. Let's just say. "Luck was on my side that day. I was at the right place at the right time"....and yes I paid retail; $110. Loving the color, materials and this has the best shape of any recent AM1. I personally prefer these over the "Green Denim", though I 'm still looking forward to the release of that color-way and possibly the 'Blue Denim' which release next week. Denim that I need to replace right away. Only wore it for the picture. I wasn't going to stain these with raw denim. 1st wear
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apria-chan.deviantart.com www.myspace.com/apr1a www.fotolog.com/ciclosporina