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QUEM DISSE QUE NÃO PODE Ser gorda/Linda????/

tatuagem loka

Ser gorda/Linda????/
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Three random tattoo ideas

Tattoo Tribal 2008 Tribal by Alessandro,

tattoo tribal sampa

Tribal by Alessandro, Da Tribo Tattoo • nov'2008
Exotica Expo II Detroit 2007 Brian explained to

desenhos de tatoo exotica

Brian explained to me how these devices are made of hot-rolled steel these days. What was once called 'wrought-iron' as it turns out, isn't, because wrought-iron isn't made anymore. Brian is also a NRA certified instructor, teaches small-arms, and builds 'reactive steel targets'.
Tattoo after the second sitting, one more to go... So far this

tuff luck tattoo

So far this tattoo has taken a total of 5 hours, I have one last sitting to go where the clouds and background will be put in, along with some line detail touchup. Design and Ink by Chad Cagle of Tuff Luck Tattoo, Carbondale, IL.. This photo was taken the day after I got color, it's still shiny from the A&D ointment ment to help speed the healing process.