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NBAF Wall - AsOne Stickyfingerz / VHS

tattoos of loki

Stickyfingerz / VHS wall for Norwich Body Art Festival 2011. Much love to all who attended!

loki tattoo

real official.

tattoo of loki

real official.

Three random tattoo ideas

Even more 'tattoos' Op school zijn

tattoo tribal arms

Op school zijn ze niet zo heel blij met Beers tattoo-hobby... Dan maar op 't interweb! (Easy P's luistertip: "Rusholme Ruffians" - The Smiths)
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sleeve tattoo stars and clouds

psychosyk@gmail.com billywhaleytattoo@yahoo.com
Cover: Flesh Works 1 & 2 It's only the

trance art tattoo

It's only the samll image for the web. At the bottom you see my oldest rack-synth, the Novation A-Station. Till now i didn't use it really, but in the last days i played a little bit with it and made some new pure electronic sounds. The A-Station has 4 banks with 99 patches. In between bank 3 + 4 of my one is complete inited. Don't know why!? The tattoo is of course also made in my studio. Look for my tattoo album to see more of this. The music Flesh Works 1 & 2 is absolute pure electronic. Song 1 can be listened within a video in which you can make a little tour inside my tattoo-studio. Follow the link. More about this song 1 + 2 are both presented by flash streaming sound with a cool yahoo music player.