Lotus - Tattoowise

KEISH24 TATTOO 142 Tattoo by cliff

colored in lotus with ohm tattoo

Tattoo by cliff / 09277716990
red lotus tattoo foto subliminal hecha

ganesha lotus tattoo

foto subliminal hecha por sebita
Violent j portrait tattoo Portrait of violent

dark lotus tattoo

Portrait of violent j from ICP by Emmanuel Flowers in Arizona.
Gen's Tat Lotus Flower

lady in lotus tattoo

Lotus Flower
Fractalius Blue Lotus Flower - IMGP3434-sha Blue / Purple

fractalius lotus flower

Blue / Purple Lotus and the leaf - Fractalius
Lotus Flower Sketch - IMGP3808 Lotus Flower Sketch

lotus flower tattoos designs drawings

Lotus Flower Sketch / Pencil Drawing / Photo Based

Three random tattoo ideas

Spinal Tap so...Wednesday I have

spine drawing tatoo

so...Wednesday I have to get a spinal tap...sort of nervous...but we'll see how it goes...
bartbattower ok so he

branches tattoo

ok so he calls me and he is like man i wanna do something with a bat on it but i have this idea with a castle too which do you want to go with? and i was like, hmmmm, both. so then i decided i should add some xmas decoration on a burnt tree and voilá. lisbon 2008. much fun. boys crew. thanks bart.
Once were Idols An old promotional

maori face tattoos

An old promotional shoot ...with warrior style facial tattoos