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Ladies Love it Tattoo Fail
My Tattoo So on December

peace love hope tattoo

So on December 1st, 2010. I went and got my first tattoo ever.I do have to give credit to Nicky Lang for doing my tattoo. She did a fabulous job! Thanks so much "oceans of ink!" It is a very symbolic tattoo that I would really like to share to you. I have always wanted to get a tattoo for about 2 years now, and for a long time it was going to be a wolf. Watching Balto way back in the early 2000's, I have came to appreciate the majestic cunning and lonesome a wolf really is. Throughout highschool I have dealt with being an outsider and I kind of felt like I was distant from everyone. What I enjoy about a wolf is that when in a pack, they are able to adapt to other wolves and work off of eachother. Which is my strength, I have such an amazing group of friends that allow me to be myself, and that I am able to work and grow my relationship with God from. Now to the Joshua 1:9. It says " Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be disc
EFRUS @ 63 anos de Nilópolis - 20.01.2010 OUÇA:

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Laugh Love Live Charlotta's first tattoo.

live laugh love ink tattoo

Charlotta's first tattoo.
Alis Volat Propriis 70/365 "She flies with

love and lust tattoo

"She flies with her own wings" I now have 9 tattoos which I love so much. This and the lust on my finger are my favorites.
Grammy and Rhys. This is my

love and joy tattoo

This is my Gramma. Yep. The sassy one with the tattoos. And my little cousin, Rhys. And it was bathtime, and they were having a party. Don't they look alike?(: This is one of my favorite pictures in DA worldddd. :) Iso's scary, noise amt is 'deafening', flipping weird border thing is equally is rediculous, BUT I'm too lazy to fix it. Be happy, so there.
Tattoo 29 tattooed Mar 7,

love kanji tattoo

tattooed Mar 7, 2008 by Peter Jung(ACE Tattoo) 668 E. Tremont Ave, Bronx, NY 10457 (917)364-8133
True love. See? People with

zombie love tattoos

See? People with tattoos & crazy hair need baby hugs sometimes too!

Three random tattoo ideas

به سوی من (come to me) • photo by gabriel garcía de alba Lugar: Playa del

ganesha tatoo

Lugar: Playa del Carmen Fotografia: Gabriel García de Alba www.gabrielgarcí photo by gabriel garcia de alba © All rights reserved. May not be reproduced or distributed without express written permission from the author
Kat Von D Jacket Kat Von D

miamiink art gallery com

Kat Von D jacket handpainted by me :) Miss Von D was extremely sweet, and made me feel amazing when she commented to a friend about what a "talented artist" I am. There is no better compliment to an artist then one that comes from another artist who's work you admire. Thanks again for the boost, Kat :)