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Finger Tattoo They used to

finger tattoos love

They used to say Love or Hate , now they're just unreadable
Lucy I love Lucy

i love lucy tattoo

I love Lucy tattoo.Done by Mike DeVries
Too much talk Male and female

looking for love tattoos

Male and female shot in studio, with signed model release. Kris Fiore Franny Love
- This is Devon.


love beatles tattoo

This is Devon. I noticed his wonderfully colouful Beatles tattoo and went over to ask him about it. He said that he was a big fan of the Beatles, and so was his dad. When his father passed away, he got a tattoo paying homage to him (the Harley logo has his name and years on it), and a tattoo of the Yellow Submarine to go along with it. Really sweet :) Fed 4 | Canon 35mm f2 | Superia 400 | Epson V500
new david byrne tattoo, incomplete. New tattoo of

love birds

New tattoo of David Byrne, singing Naive Melody. Will add more color later. So far, I love it. Why the birds? Just because I like them. Tattoo by Ricky at Artkore Tattoo in Normal, IL.
tattoo This tattoo is

love hope tattoo

This tattoo is based off of an ink and acrylic piece I've done
. best in large

love of sisters tattoo

best in large view models: sorry camilla, barbara strobist: speedlite 430 exII camera left 1/2 pw, speedlite 430 exII camera left 1/8 pw, speedlite 430 exII backlight1/4 pw, filippo scarpi
Final Design by Sailor

love thy neighbor tattoo

Design by Sailor Jerry Tattoo by LeVip Photo by Fernando Toller Manaus - AM - 2012
This woman She makes my

october love tattoo

She makes my heart go pitter patter.
Woodland friends (fractured) Illustrations of part

owl love tattoo

Illustrations of part of a brief, 'the fractured collection'
Comfort Finding comfort in

peace love and rock tattoos

Finding comfort in each other has become automatic. That's when you know. Yep!:)
The New WolfSoul Photography. View On Black

photography love gallery

View On Black I can see in the darkness that surrounds me I'm protected by the eye of Horus I have an eye for a vision of the future for a vision of the world in a different way Because thats how I see it always even in my darkest moments ... The wings that will set me free are the same wings that keep me prisoner of my self because before I can fly I have to get the balance that I need in my life We cannot fly with broken wings but some times we don't need eyes to see or wings to fly ,we just need our imagination and the wish to do something to touch the sky with the palm of your hand to see the world in a grain of sand anything that makes us happy there is where the real power comes from the inspiration to create or to destroy to love or to hate ... WolfSoul.
Turkey - Side - Tourist couple 01 sq v2 Side in Southern

romantic love tattoos

Side in Southern Turkey is famous for its seafront Temple of Apollo, some shots of that to follow, but first I thought I'd upload the individual shots that comprised yesterdays diptych. As you can see the strong back-lighting proved a challenge for my metering but I've managed to dig some detail our of the shadow areas which is just as well as it was this guys tattoos that caught my eye initially.

Three random tattoo ideas

Medusa Marina Finally got my

fish para tatuaje

Finally got my jellyfish tattoo!! It's a half sleeve on my right arm. I've been wanting this for quite some time now and am so happy I finally did it and extremely grateful that the tattoo artist did such an amazing job. Original piece done by Diablo at Long Beach Ink Assassins.