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Claddagh Ivy Tattoo My best friends

irish tattoos love

My best friends only tattoo, so far. Done at The Royal Peacock.
-Read. I spend a

love conquers all tattoo designs

I spend a lot of time looking at my reflection. It's honestly not that I'm trying to be vain. I just keep hoping. Maybe one day, I'll look at myself... And see the good person I long to be. Ps-I have a fresh tribal otter ink on my ankle :) So once it's good and healed, expect feet shots! (How the heck I will pull them off is beyond me!)
2/365 agape First of all,

agape love tattoos

First of all, I couldn't decide which photo I liked so I just put them both together. This year I'm just trying to live each day full of agape (the greatest form of love). I challenge every one else to do the same. :)
1/5: All We Need Is Love♥ I uploaded this

all we need is love tattoo

I uploaded this after midnight, because photoshop was being retarded for some reason and wouldn't let me open my pictures. So, it's kinda late. Taking pictures inside the house is getting kinda limiting, I wish it would warm up outside. It's calling for snow this week. Which it probably won't, but it will be cold. The highs this week don't get out of the 30s. Joy. Anywho, I had to get my sister to help me take this because I don't have my tripod. It's so awkward posing in front of people.. photoshop flawsssssssssssssssss. What do you think?
Neo traditional lady and falcon Elegant woman falcon

beautiful love bird tattoo

Elegant woman falcon
PA153433 the photographer Antoine

chinese love back tattoo

the photographer Antoine D'Agata comes as a guest teacher and throws me around, angela and simon take care of me in the morning.-.. sort of
Vēlum I love how

couple love tattoo

I love how the fabric of Bergen's veil obscures she and Chris just enough that they look painted, rather than photographed. I did very little retouch work on this image at all--the effect is entirely analog. I am also very proud to be Chris' best man as well as his photographer. Yay. Studio photography of Bergen McMurray and Christopher Lantz. Shot for their engagement at Starfish Studios, Seattle. November 2009. Photo by Libby Bulloff.
loves sock monkey slippers!

cute love feet tattoos

sock monkey slippers!
loveeternalbw4by playing with photoshop

eternal love

playing with photoshop w/ the iphone capture

Three random tattoo ideas

3 7 1 9 Craig Smith awaits

scottish tattoo

Craig Smith awaits his turn in the heavyweight contest at Bathgate & West Lothian Highland Games 2009