Love - Tattoowise

My Henna tattoo Expired Film, Shot

henna love

Expired Film, Shot with AE-1
 i really need

hippie tattoo love

i really need to start taking pictures again... that aren't from my phone. Instagram/stalk me
Be Strong Model: Sweetie Carol.

i have a strong will to love you

Model: Sweetie Carol. ♥
Amor Te Ipsum (love thyself) one

latin love tattoo

(love thyself) one of my finger tattoos...
tattooed hands wrapped around a woman a man holds

laugh love tattoos

a man holds his woman
5x365 Today I felt naked 5x365 Today wasn't

live love life tattoo

5x365 Today wasn't a emotionally great day. I am having to embrace myself as a mother, a woman, curves and all. I am trying to stick to a healthy diet but it is hard cause everything seems to be bad for you. But to top it off I got robbed and lost my money for my bills this month. So now I wanna just dive into a cheeseburger or pastry of some kind. I think I am just gonna settle for a coffee for now. Maybe tomorrow will look better.
Tattoo Arnaud "Live what you

live to love tattoo

"Live what you love" by Guy (alternativ tattoo)
Roger & Anna Wedding: les trois moustache The three moustache!

love ariel

The three moustache! Tattoos by: Rockwood of Big Island Tattoo
you choose blogged ...I’m

love hate tattoo design

blogged ...I’m crazy flowing over with ideas A thousand ways to woo a lover so sincere Love and hate what a beautiful combination Sending shivers up and down my spine... I Love to Hate you Erasure 1991
Liebe Tattoo (Love in German)  A tattoo I

love in german tattoos

A tattoo I got for my best friend and my husband See more images at
truefalse soy asi, un

love life heart tattoo

soy asi, un dia quiero y al otro no
Red riding hood half sleeve Justin Harris tattoo

love moon tattoos

Justin Harris tattoo

Three random tattoo ideas

Chair. Will someone please

rips tattoos

Will someone please call a surgeon who can crack my ribs and repair this broken heart that's sure deserted for better company? sooc A ripped up chair from the shop, probably my favorite from this entire set.
My Tattoo Thats Kanji, it

tattoos of venezuela

Thats Kanji, it meand death. / Esta en Kanji y quiere decir Muerte.
bleeding 'Poupee' tattoos of miss

miss van tattoo

tattoos of miss van 'poupee's' part of leg designs