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My Henna tattoo Expired Film, Shot

henna love

Expired Film, Shot with AE-1
 i really need

hippie tattoo love

i really need to start taking pictures again... that aren't from my phone. Instagram/stalk me
Be Strong Model: Sweetie Carol.

i have a strong will to love you

Model: Sweetie Carol. ♥
Amor Te Ipsum (love thyself) one

latin love tattoo

(love thyself) one of my finger tattoos...
tattooed hands wrapped around a woman a man holds

laugh love tattoos

a man holds his woman
5x365 Today I felt naked 5x365 Today wasn't

live love life tattoo

5x365 Today wasn't a emotionally great day. I am having to embrace myself as a mother, a woman, curves and all. I am trying to stick to a healthy diet but it is hard cause everything seems to be bad for you. But to top it off I got robbed and lost my money for my bills this month. So now I wanna just dive into a cheeseburger or pastry of some kind. I think I am just gonna settle for a coffee for now. Maybe tomorrow will look better.
Tattoo Arnaud "Live what you

live to love tattoo

"Live what you love" by Guy (alternativ tattoo)
Roger & Anna Wedding: les trois moustache The three moustache!

love ariel

The three moustache! Tattoos by: Rockwood of Big Island Tattoo
you choose blogged ...I’m

love hate tattoo design

blogged ...I’m crazy flowing over with ideas A thousand ways to woo a lover so sincere Love and hate what a beautiful combination Sending shivers up and down my spine... I Love to Hate you Erasure 1991
Liebe Tattoo (Love in German)  A tattoo I

love in german tattoos

A tattoo I got for my best friend and my husband See more images at
truefalse soy asi, un

love life heart tattoo

soy asi, un dia quiero y al otro no
Red riding hood half sleeve Justin Harris tattoo

love moon tattoos

Justin Harris tattoo

Three random tattoo ideas

Hello New and improved.

pink star hip tattoo

New and improved. Much better now :D
saint_015_final Illustration for Pornsaints

vector tattoo illustration

Illustration for Pornsaints Model: Shy Stars my site: link