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Embrace Your Truth Fear beauty...? Studio

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Fear beauty...? Studio shoot with Finn von Claret and Chance Koehnen. Starfish Studios, Seattle, WA. July 2009. Photography by Libby Bulloff. Shot with my Lensbaby Composer. Chance's tattoos by Stacie Jascott, Lit Fuse Tattoo, Olympia, WA.
4th Commandment "Honor Your Father

tattoo love to mom and dad

"Honor Your Father and Mother"
so different just a weird

tattoo sister love

just a weird moment
N's New Tattoo Done by Jers

tattoo text love

Done by Jers at Saint Sabrinas
Third Tattoo My girlfriend and

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My girlfriend and I both got this today 2/2/2009 for our 1 year anniversary. We got it done at Octopus Ink in Tacoma Washington. She really did slap me so I kissed her and check us out we've made it a year and were still going strong!
Unfinished Tattoo. Comments and Pointers

tattoos for couples in love

Comments and Pointers Always Appreciated!
Christofer Drew <3

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Day 27 - Heart Locked. I should have

two hearts one love tattoo

I should have had the necklace dangling further down my arm so you see the best part of my tattoo. It's lost a lot of ink from my wrist to about halfway through the tattoo. The darker smoother spots are the words closer to my elbow pit. It looks terrible I need to get it touched up but I don't want to go back to the same place I had it done. Anyway. New Necklace. It doesn't look exactly like this anymore though, I edited it and it looks much nicer now. Will be listed soon.
Old Tat My mate is

one heart one love tattoo

My mate is in the process of having her tattoo removed from her arm. This is how it is looking so far. Slightly faded and looking worn away.

Three random tattoo ideas

Shooting Star &quot;There is something

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"There is something beautiful about all scars of whatever nature. A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed, done with.” - Harry Crews A story about the scar: The first time my husband-to-be came for a visit to my tiny town in northern Minnesota, I had the misfortune to pull weekend on-call EMS duty. As soon as he walked in the door of my apartment after his 5 hour drive, I heard the tones blare from my portable radio. Giving him a quick hug and a peck on the cheek (it was only our 2nd or 3rd date and I still wasn't sure if I wanted to be in a real relationship with anybody), I suggested that he relax and make himself at home as I'd likely be away for an hour or so responding to the call. Nearly 3 hours later I returned, after an extremely trying series of events. I won't bore you with the details, but suffice to say, we ended up transporting a 350+lb patient while short-staffed. While attempting a 2-man lift to get the patient onto the cot, I slipped and bobbled a bit on the extremely grimy floor of the residence and felt a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen and back. Assuming that I had just strained a muscle or something, I didn't mention it to anybody, even though, over the course of the next day and a half, I was increasingly in a state of discomfort. RJ's visit was going extremely well- I was showing him all the highlights of my small town life- the "Big Stick", the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame, my local hangouts. At the end of the visit, he was reluctant to start his long drive home, and I didn't feel like letting him go just yet. I suggested that I make the drive with him and then fly back home the next day, as I didn't have to work and I had flight benefits that made my trip home amount to only $10. His eyes lit up at the suggestion. Obviously, I had made a good decision. About halfway through the drive, I started to feel really ill. The pain in my lower back had changed from a dull ache to a feeling like somebody was repeatedly squeezing and releasing a kidney or some other vital part near it. RJ noticed that I was looking a bit distressed and asked how I was doing. Not wanting to worry him, I shrugged it off again as a strain and told him I would go to the doctor as soon as I landed, as the clinic was only a couple of miles from the airport. I didn't eat any supper or breakfast, as my nausea had intensified. When I landed at the hub airport to make my connecting flight to northern MN, I quickly went to find a gate agent I had made friends with throughout all of my travels. He escorted me back to one of the crew rooms where I could take a nap undisturbed, and promised to wake me in time for my flight. The 35-minute flight was awful. I was feeling sick to my stomach, and feeling a sharp pain in my back every couple of minutes. The minute the plane landed, I tore out of the terminal, leaving my baggage behind, and jumped into the car my friends had thoughtfully left in the employee lot for me. Breaking speed limits, I rushed to the walk-in clinic, where I had just enough time to walk in and grab a basin from behind the triage desk (I used to work there and knew where they were kept) before launching into a fit of projectile vomiting that wouldn't stop. The triage nurse, who knew me, grabbed a wheelchair and promptly wheeled me across the parking lot to the hospital emergency room- just in time, as my appendix had ruptured. I was to be rushed into surgery, but there remained the small problem that nobody knew my whereabouts. My dad was on the road for work in a far northern part of the state without cell coverage and his answering machine had broken the week before and he had not yet replaced it, RJ was at work and I didn't know his work number, and none of my local friends were answering and did not have voicemail or answering machines at the time. I left a quick message on RJ's home phone number stating my predicament and where I could be reached and then called the only other person I could think of- a friend named Kyle who I had a sort of
Wings 2 New Tattoo :]

hermes ankle wing tattoo

New Tattoo :] What Do We Think ?
MTU Promo - Joe Joe isn't part

album de tatoos

Joe isn't part of mtu but i got him in a couple shots too.