Lymphoma - Tattoowise

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Mom at the tattoo studio Mom getting her

lymphoma cancer tattoo

Mom getting her "atom" tattoo patched up. As in, she's been radiated and it's refreshing to mark up your body in a manner of your OWN choosing.
dave radiotherapy neck about two weeks

tattoo lymphoma

about two weeks after my radiotherapy treatment had finished, neck's pretty raw and burned at this point. and i look half asleep too! :P
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Three random tattoo ideas

Tatoo da DiBiagi em Technicolor. Foto da Tatoo

brasil tatoos

Foto da Tatoo da DiBiagi! eu não resisti ... recolori e coloquei brilho com o Gimp. Queria dar a sensação da asa estar em 3D ... mas acho q faltou talento! Pic from DiBiagi's tatoo! ... I remake the colors and put the light effect with Gimp. I want to give a 3D appearence to wings ... but didn't have all this talent.
Escorpión en sombras Tatuaje realizado por

un tattoo de un escorpion

Tatuaje realizado por Felix Morón en el estudio de tatuajes Tatu Tu Málaga.