Lymphoma - Tattoowise

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Mom at the tattoo studio Mom getting her

lymphoma cancer tattoo

Mom getting her "atom" tattoo patched up. As in, she's been radiated and it's refreshing to mark up your body in a manner of your OWN choosing.
dave radiotherapy neck about two weeks

tattoo lymphoma

about two weeks after my radiotherapy treatment had finished, neck's pretty raw and burned at this point. and i look half asleep too! :P
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Three random tattoo ideas

Day 242 of 365 HNT Didn't really

tatoo wings

HNT Didn't really feel like doing anything today either. It's not that I'm hating 365, I am just exhausted so I'm being lazy!
Casa comigo??? ela ainda procura

cores tatuagem

ela ainda procura por seu noivo...bonito e gente boa!!! rsrsr Fotografada por: Pri Martins Modelo: Larissa Cogu Produção: Priscilla Martins, Lívia , Larissa Cogu , Nika Fadul