Lymphoma - Tattoowise

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Mom at the tattoo studio Mom getting her

lymphoma cancer tattoo

Mom getting her "atom" tattoo patched up. As in, she's been radiated and it's refreshing to mark up your body in a manner of your OWN choosing.
dave radiotherapy neck about two weeks

tattoo lymphoma

about two weeks after my radiotherapy treatment had finished, neck's pretty raw and burned at this point. and i look half asleep too! :P
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Three random tattoo ideas

#312 - taking a shower If I could

tattoo biohazard

If I could take light-showers, I would spent hours under it... Monday - I loved my Belly-dancing session, but the rest ofthe day I felt slightly paranoid. I´m pretty sure some people found me annoying. I´m not sad, only - off the rail :-) And yes, I took a shower before I made this and it felt nice to have washed the days dust away D is a lot better and I will try out a new hairdo for him soon......beware.... ;-)
megs tattoo 5 megs new tattoo

side tree tattoo

megs new tattoo on her back, the detail is awesome, I love this tattoo, glad I got to see it while she was over.
Sun's Son Haron Tha Don

tree silhouette

Haron Tha Don