Magnolia - Tattoowise

Day 4 This is my

magnolia flower tattoo photo

This is my magnolia blossom tattoo. I got it last summer to celebrate returning to Gulfport, MS, 1 year after Hurricane Katrina.
tattoo cherry blossoms and

tatuagens magnolia

cherry blossoms and magnolias
finis. verdict: mark skipper @ trx is an artist & a gentleman magnolia by mark

magnolia flower tatoo

magnolia by mark skipper @ TRX; he is officially my go-to guy. he freehanded this based on an image & a lot of words from me. dude is badass. i am totally in love with this piece, btw. the worst part will be telling my grandparents that in addition to 6 rarely visible tattoos, i now have a 7th that is extremely visible & fairly large.
Magnolia Tattoo My third tattoo

tattoo of a magnolia flower

My third tattoo in celebration of my Magnolia sisters. This one is located on my shoulder. The artist didn't do as much shading as I would have liked nor a proper outline, but I do like the way the pink radiates from the center. Guess I can always do some corrective work later on...
painted bird black-capped chickadee over

magnolia back tattoos

black-capped chickadee over magnolia buds.
New Tattoo view 2 My new tattoo!

magnolia tattoo

My new tattoo! :) done by Jasmine at black rose tattoo in PB CA. drew up the tattoo myself. I'm in love with magnolias and obsessed with bees.
By night sempre Marta

tatoo magnolia

sempre Marta
Day 873 - The warmup nap. One should warm

tattoo gallery magnolia

One should warm up before certain activities. I wouldn't want to get a cramp when I get up from the sofa to go to bed!
Magnolia Watercolor tattoo on

tattoo magnolia

Watercolor tattoo on Thea Duskin's arm. Thea is also a tattoo artist:
3/4 Sleeve Add-On In Progress

magnolia tattoos gallery
 This is a

magnolia tattoo up side

This is a self portrait of the tattoo I got for my eighteenth birthday. Magnolias symbolize strength and beauty. Over the last year, I have been opening my eyes and mind to see how truly beautiful everything is - especially myself. This is just a reminder that I am beautiful and worthwhile.
He had a red tattoo I try to

foto tatoo magnolia

I try to post an image for World AIDS Day and this year I am a bit early and may include more over the week. We have a made great progress but the disease still exists and people still become infected. Yes we have found ways to fight the disease but this requires access that many don't have to the proper medical resources. We all have to accept responsibility for what we do and that includes what we do to protect ourselves and others from this disease.

Three random tattoo ideas

breath a sin. slowly...slowly...

tatuagem breath of fire

Mujer y Huaco Mochica_Peru Dibujo elaborado el

tatuaje madre

Dibujo elaborado el año 2006, formato 102x75cm. Pertenece al tema “Impregnando la cultura del Perú” Visita:
Darth Talon Izabel Cortez as

tatuagem izabel

Izabel Cortez as Darth Talon ===== Date: May 22, 2011 Location: RB Manila Event: 5th Tagcom ----- Won "Best Female". :) photo by: Fed Dimal