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SKINGDOM TATTOO SHOP via Sergio Pavan 2 Mogliano Veneto -Treviso Tel: 0415244445 / 3477235927
Vetea's manta ray tatoo Moorea, French Polynesia

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Moorea, French Polynesia photo by Nicole Gravier-Bonnet
detail it looks like

manta tribal

it looks like he's holding the gun oddly, and he is. bracing himself or something, i don't know, i forget why.
It's healed! I said I'd

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I said I'd post a shot when it healed, and here it is! I truly love it. Gabe did an amazing job, especially on the anchor, which is the most important part for me.
My New Tat ! Posted via web

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Posted via web from Bee Realty's Posterous
Blur Gig in Hyde Park Lou's Manta Ray

tattoo of a manta ray

Lou's Manta Ray tattoo. Its a big one. goes all the way down.
Manta Ray Tattoo on.... Manta ray Tattoo

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Manta ray Tattoo on Raiatea

Three random tattoo ideas

Fire, fire, fire...!!! I have been

tattoo chest flames

I have been a bad boy and now I´m burning… Help, help, save me… But be caferul, very hot meat here, we could make a sandwich, hahaha… Come on, come on, I´m smelling grilled sausage…. Como he sido un nene malo, me han condenado a la hoguera. Umm, comienza a hacer un poquito de calor, sálvame, sálvame, pero ten cuidado que por aquí hay mucha carne calentita, igual terminamos haciendo un delicioso sándwich… Vamos, date prisa, estoy empezando a oler a salchicha a la brasa…
tweety bird Tweety Bird

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Tweety Bird