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manta traditional tattoo skingdom dap SKINGDOM TATTOO SHOP

manta tattos

SKINGDOM TATTOO SHOP via Sergio Pavan 2 Mogliano Veneto -Treviso Tel: 0415244445 / 3477235927
Vetea's manta ray tatoo Moorea, French Polynesia

manta ray tatoos

Moorea, French Polynesia photo by Nicole Gravier-Bonnet
detail it looks like

manta tribal

it looks like he's holding the gun oddly, and he is. bracing himself or something, i don't know, i forget why.
It's healed! I said I'd

tattoo manta gallery

I said I'd post a shot when it healed, and here it is! I truly love it. Gabe did an amazing job, especially on the anchor, which is the most important part for me.
My New Tat ! Posted via web

tattoo manta ray

Posted via web from Bee Realty's Posterous
Blur Gig in Hyde Park Lou's Manta Ray

tattoo of a manta ray

Lou's Manta Ray tattoo. Its a big one. goes all the way down.
Manta Ray Tattoo on.... Manta ray Tattoo

tattoo polynesian tattoo manta

Manta ray Tattoo on Raiatea
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Three random tattoo ideas

Lee Whitworth Here's Lee emerging

stag tatoo

Here's Lee emerging from the pool on his stag weekend in Barmby Moor.
P1500242MC - Ankle wing (steam side) Fresh ink by

black and grey shading tattoo

Fresh ink by Ariano Delena of I Love Mom. ( ) Photo credit to Ariano too! This steampunk inspired piece is on my left ankle. On the right ankle is a digital/circuitboard cutout version. I'll post pictures of that one too as soon as it's healed. For some reason the peculiar shade of bright blue used (think squished smurfs) doesn't photograph well! Anyway I love this piece, thanks Ariano and sorry about kicking you. (All those girls with ankle roses are right, it's not a good spot.) *twitch twitch*
My First Tattoo awesome