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My Tattoo "every little thing

tattos bob marley

"every little thing will be alright"
My latest addition.. February 26, 2008

tatuagens do marley tattoo

February 26, 2008 - This was a hard picture to take, plus I took it with my cell phone, but this is my largest and favorite tattoo so far! "One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain. So hit me with music...brutalize me with music." - Bob Marley
Bob Marley in Cloud 9 Siargao tribal hair piece

tribal bob marley

tribal hair piece
Siargao Tribal Performer tribal footwear flip

tribal bob marley tattoo

tribal footwear flip flops barefoot sandals
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Three random tattoo ideas

Baby L - 6 months old Here are a

tatuagem 6 horas

Here are a few from some recent baby sessions! The pumpkin set is from here:
Die jerrycan meenemen naar je liposuctie was een top idee! Rob Stenders zit

bikini models with tattoos

Rob Stenders zit alweer 25 jaar in radiobizz en dat werd gevierd op gepaste wijze. Glibberend in een met olie gevuld kinderbadje!