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My Tattoo "every little thing

tattos bob marley

"every little thing will be alright"
My latest addition.. February 26, 2008

tatuagens do marley tattoo

February 26, 2008 - This was a hard picture to take, plus I took it with my cell phone, but this is my largest and favorite tattoo so far! "One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain. So hit me with music...brutalize me with music." - Bob Marley
Bob Marley in Cloud 9 Siargao tribal hair piece

tribal bob marley

tribal hair piece
Siargao Tribal Performer tribal footwear flip

tribal bob marley tattoo

tribal footwear flip flops barefoot sandals
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Three random tattoo ideas

Fire flower :D Fire Flower do

tatuagem mushroom

Fire Flower do Mario :D
19/365 Y2 - INKED Day 19 of

tattoo between shoulders

Day 19 of 365 – INKED I definitely won't go THIS elaborate, but I want something Any ideas? Strobist INFO: Shutter Speed 1/128 Aperture 2.8 ISO 100 Lens – Canon 70-200 Focal Length 148mm White Bal – Sync Setup time: 5 Mins Mild ambient light 580exII at 1/4 - 0.7 power in DIY Beauty Dish approx 4 ft above subject Evening - 10:31 pm Subject - Myself