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tina and lukasz they had good

tattoo married couple

they had good food =]
"Epic Dude". August 2009. © M.Notarnicola All

tattoo for married couples

© M.Notarnicola All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal.
My Parents: Love. Cape Hatteras. August 2009. © M.Notarnicola All

married couples tattoo

© M.Notarnicola All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal.
Erica If she wasn't

married tattoo

If she wasn't so sweet, she could kick your ass.
Simply happy woman. Ronit..... nothing more

tattoos married

Ronit..... nothing more to say here...
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Three random tattoo ideas

Drago Koi This tatoo is

tattoo oriental and oldschool

This tatoo is a Japanese Koi dragon, tatoo made by Federico Benedetti in Tuscany (Europe, Italy) Tatuaggio con tecnica classica, 4 colori, raffigurante un drago giapponese stile koi. Tatuaggio e disegno eseguito dall'artista Federico Benedetti. Modello: Emanuele S. Fotografia: apprendista fotografo MAX-SILVER, foto amatoriale.
Weary Traveler This shot was

tattoo of thinker

This shot was taken in the bus terminal in New York City. The bus was of course running late. It was about 8:30am and this weary traveler was still waiting for the 6am bus.
Convenção de Tatuagem Armazém 12, Recife

peixe tatuagem

Armazém 12, Recife Antigo, 18, 19 e 20 de maio. Magic Peephole Fisheye Lens - Canon 400d