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Sad face side up Japanese 2 Face

mask oriental tattoos

Japanese 2 Face mask Tattooed by Martin Black Widow Shop Manila, Philippines.
Next! Kurtis Kirk at

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Kurtis Kirk at Golden Body Rings body piercing studio 1525 Summit Ave., Capitol Hill, Seattle Washington. Photo by Craig Clark. Copyright 1997 Kurtis Kirk.
wood craft tribal craft

mask tribal tattoo

tribal craft
Smiling face up Japanese 2 Face

oriental mask

Japanese 2 Face mask Tattooed by Martin Black Widow Shop Manila, Philippines.
chubbs side 1 Side one of

oriental tatto mask

Side one of Chubbs. Large asian style mask.
Ancestors to watch over us Part of my

polynesian tattoo mask

Part of my new tattoo...This is on the back of my right shoulder. According to Sherron, this mask signifies my ancestors, and that they are there for me, watching my back. One of my favorite things about my new tattoo is all of the symbolism.
ÍCARO_session 4. Arte e tattoo

polynesian tribal mask

Arte e tattoo exclusivas, em progresso.
18/365 Sleeve... Hey all, This

samurai mask tats

Hey all, This is my effortless entry for the day! Spent all afternoon getting the bottom half of my sleeve done. I have now totalled up 30 HRS of tattooing and still got a few togo. SOOC with a lotlle shapening. Canon 50D Canon 24-70L Canon 580EX II ISO 100, 1/250, f/8.0 TFS
Masks A doodle done

tatoo mask

A doodle done in math class. One of the first mask themed works.
just below the surface Hanauma Bay, Hawaii

tattoo face mask

Hanauma Bay, Hawaii
ÍCARO: session 4 Arte e tattoo

tattoo gallery maori mask

Arte e tattoo exclusivas, em progresso.
hanya mask + scroll all in marker

tattoo hanya mask free

all in marker
Mirror Mask. Mirror Mirror on

tattoo mask pictures

Mirror Mirror on the floor. show me mirror what the FUCK! Come on! Do I really have to write a poem for EVERY picture! Jesus..
Day 259/365 Death In A

tattoo of a mask

Death In A Tutu This mask really scares my mom. I think I will wear it every time we meet.
Oriental mask oriental tattoo by

tattoo oriental mask

oriental tattoo by alex higgins

Three random tattoo ideas

 Danielle's tattoo that

drawing octopus tattoo

Danielle's tattoo that my baby did of something her friend drew. View On Black The face is gonna be yellow but yellow doesn't show up til the tattoo heals cause the blood shows through lol
Resistiré Cuando pierda todas

tatuajes de kickboxing

Cuando pierda todas las partidas cuando duerma con la soledad cuando se me cierren las salidas y la noche no me deje en paz. Cuando tenga miedo del silencio cuando cueste mantenerse en pie cuando se rebelen los recuerdos y me pongan contra la pared. Resistiré para seguir viviendo me volveré de hierro para endurecer la piel y aunque los vientos de la vida soplen fuerte como el junco que se dobla pero siempre sigue en pie. Resistiré para seguir viviendo soportaré los golpes y jamás me rendiré y aunque los sueños se me rompan en pedazos resistiré, resistiré. Cuando el mundo pierda toda magia cuando mi enemigo sea yo cuando me apuñale la nostalgia y no reconozca ni mi voz. Cuando me amenace la locura cuando en mi moneda salga cruz cuando el diablo pase la factura o si alguna vez me faltas tú. Resistiré para seguir viviendo me volveré de hierro para endurecer la piel y au