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Cutest matching tats I've seen. View bigger. Jason's

his an her matching tattoos

View bigger. Jason's roomate drew both of these. They're basically the same except the girl has a bow. Sooo cute. These are on Jason's roommate and his girlfriend. Too too freaking cute. I wish the girl tat would've been in focus but its w/e.
Andrew's Tattoo my husband and

his and hers matching tattoo

my husband and i got matching tattys when we got married... i have the socket. they were done in 2003 by Trevor Shea at Sacred Heart in Vancouver, BC.
Go team New tattoos.... we

his and hers matching tattoos

New tattoos.... we look tough in this picture I think.....
Taylor and I BFFF cupcakes...

his her matching tattoo

BFFF cupcakes...
matching lady bug tattoos Matching Lady Bug

his hers matching tattoos

Matching Lady Bug Tattoo on thier feet.
Catch a falling star. My first tattoo.

matching best friend tattoo

My first tattoo. I could only post it here since my parents don't know about it. My best friend and I have matching stars; I have blue, because it's her favorite color, and she jas red, because that's my favorite. I am in love with the simplicity of it. :)
365 Self Portraits: Day 28 - Panda Stance! <3The Secret Handshake.

matching couple tattoo gallery

<3The Secret Handshake. I know, we're lame. We matched today. lolll We're posing like the pandas on the shirts, btw. =P
Friendship Tattoos My best friend

matching feet tattoos

My best friend and I got matching tattoos to celebrate our 10 year best-friendship. The symbol means friendship, and then it just happened to look like and L and an S intertwined (the first letters of our names)!
Keep moving. matching tattoos. it

matching foot tattoos

matching tattoos. it means keep moving =]
matching keys this set of

matching key tattoo

this set of matching (but still different!) keys was done on some lovely ladies. i can't remember if they were besties or sisters. either way, they'll always be linked to each other now. enjoy :) costom work. PLEASE DO NOT STEAL!
Our new tattoos! His wrist (red),

matching love tattoos

His wrist (red), my bicep (pink). Special thanks to Elvis for the inspiration.
robotos_04 OUR new tattoos.

matching tattoo

OUR new tattoos. :] matching. drawn by me, originally. done by Smivee at Loyalty.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Fall in music Necessito di "staccare"

tattoo flowers and music notes

Necessito di "staccare"
Tuhoe Isaac Like any normal

tatoo em maori

Like any normal person shopping I was carrying my camera and just so happened to have a 70-200mm lens on me. How lucky? :-) I'm not into people photography really but this guy I HAD to shoot. If a face can tell a story then this guy's face can tell a library full of stories. Really nice bloke to talk to and a pleasure to shoot. Fact is I think this is my first ever portrait. Shot was taken outside Foodtown, Whangaparaoa LOL CC welcome. The man behind the Tā moko: Tuhoe Isaac was born in Wairoa, New Zealand in 1954. By the age of 18 he had moved to the city, shifted to Australia, been imprisoned in jail and joined one of New Zealand’s most notorious gangs — The Mongrel Mob. Entering the mob world where the bull dog wearing a German helmet was their insignia and the lawlessness or anarchy ruled, Tuhoe took on the name ‘Bruno’ after the German helmet worn by the dog. Here he found t