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Henna on Bride's Wrist- Bridal Shower Volcano Blue Henna

mehndi on wrist

Volcano Blue Henna September 2009
26.4.2011 AmalHP Please comment! Join

wedding mehndi pattern

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Moroccan henna Henna for Moroccan

arabic mehndi designs com

Henna for Moroccan fundraiser
C and friends' henna Henna for a

back hand bridal mehndi designs

Henna for a lovely client who is married to an Indian man; she told me all about her wedding henna and showed me photos...the henna was gorgeous! She pregnant and her MIL was in town so she wanted to treat them all to some henna. I really enjoyed hanging out with them and getting to do more substantial designs to people who really appreciate the art. Henna for her cousin.
Arm Henna w Purple Flowers Volcano Henna
By Melissa

beautiful indian mehndi design

Volcano Henna By Melissa Banford Lexington, KY 2009 Will Travel Worldwide for Your Event
Irina_henna - 23 photo by Akihiko

bridal mehndi design com

photo by Akihiko Tagayasu model- belly dancer Irina
Henna Tattoo art tattoo by kami

dragon mehndi

tattoo by kami !!!
Kristin's Hands and Fingers 1 My ex wanted

full hand mehndi design picture

My ex wanted me to practice some of my free-hand design on her. In particular, she wanted a design that graced the hand and draped down a finger or two, with a set of rings that I had been wanting to try out. I used a little bit of Pagan inspiration in this piece, featuring a double pentagram. In hindsight there are a lot of things in this piece that I would like to do differently. But in the end, it was just free-hand practice. What we noticed was that the design and the color that took went very well with the colors she chose during her manicure just prior to me doing my work. The colors aren't the same in the picture as they were in real life obviously; it worked together much better in person. This was taken the day after removing the paste, and already you can see the paste is very dark and deep in color. It just depends on the skin...
Kristine's Arm K does not

full hand mehndi designs

K does not like flowers..."that's a circle with lines" (on the back of the hand) "I swear..." lol
Henna Aliya's family's mehndi

full hands mehndi design

Aliya's family's mehndi for Roisin's wedding.
Jessicas hand Jessica's first Henna.

get nails done before mehndi

Jessica's first Henna. Drawn by me. Inspired by unknown artist google search (f you are the talented artist or know them please message me so I can give them/you credit)

Three random tattoo ideas

Lizard tattoo on foot 3 My new foot

lizard tattoo top of foot

My new foot tattoo :-) A blue and green lizard with it's tail wrapped around my anckle. It lost quite a lot of colour since it unfortunately got infected while healing. In september I will go and get it coloured again!
 beau bokan/ blessthefall/

tattoo crown drawing

beau bokan/ blessthefall/ awkwardly cropped hand that really bothers me :p