Menino - Tattoowise

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Mães Rabiscadas Foto para o

menino e menino tattoo

Foto para o projeto mães rabiscadas. - Julieta e Liz
boys dream of becoming men Gustavo Iwanaga

tatuagem menino

Gustavo Iwanaga
Tatoo Revirando os arquivos.

tatoo de menino

Revirando os arquivos. Eu também quero fazer uma tatoo...não é fácil escolher.
menini aquarela e caneta.


tatuagem desenhos menino

aquarela e caneta. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Fred The best boyfriend

tatto de menino desenhos

The best boyfriend ever.
Tal Pai, Tal Filho - Like Father, Like Son Eu e meu

tattoo desenhos menino

Eu e meu filho. Tattoagem do perfil de cristo, com a coroa, e duas gotas de sangue. Me and My son. Tattoo of Christ´s profile, with crown and two drops of blod.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Shading practice Tattoo design: winged

tattoo design tradicional

Tattoo design: winged heart. It's a bit scribbly because I had to dash it off in class to have something to practice shading on, but it was the first tattoo design I drew that I actually like. It also converted me to the wonders of shading - I didn't realise before how much difference it makes! By the way, Jack's my brother - the only boy whose name I'll write on such a public heart... Diseño de tatuaje: corazón alado. Es algo tosco porque tuve que garabatearlo rápido en la clase por tener algo en que practicar sombrear. ¡También me hizo darme cuenta de que tanta diferencia hacen las sombras! Por cierto, Jack es mi hermano - el unico muchacho el nombre de quién pongo en un corazón tan público... Second tattoo class/segunda clase de tatuajes, 24/10/09. Border, Mexico City/Ciudad de México.
body art this is pic

buddhist tribal tattoos

this is pic of my friend's back. the oriental look of the tattoos is really beautiful. But i was thinking what would make it look more mysterious, and if you look at the top left corner there's this magazine that has a pic of a lady which included sophistication to the pic and the bottom left corner shows a newspaper that is partly readable which makes the pic really an interesting piece. One of my favorites. By; Don