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Mães Rabiscadas Foto para o

menino e menino tattoo

Foto para o projeto mães rabiscadas. - Julieta e Liz
boys dream of becoming men Gustavo Iwanaga

tatuagem menino

Gustavo Iwanaga
Tatoo Revirando os arquivos.

tatoo de menino

Revirando os arquivos. Eu também quero fazer uma tatoo...não é fácil escolher.
menini aquarela e caneta.


tatuagem desenhos menino

aquarela e caneta. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Fred The best boyfriend

tatto de menino desenhos

The best boyfriend ever.
Tal Pai, Tal Filho - Like Father, Like Son Eu e meu

tattoo desenhos menino

Eu e meu filho. Tattoagem do perfil de cristo, com a coroa, e duas gotas de sangue. Me and My son. Tattoo of Christ´s profile, with crown and two drops of blod.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Not-So-Temporary Tattoo last friday we


last friday we met at round table at 1am for breakfast and comfort food. we ended up leaving in a hurry after we both needed to throw up within minutes of each other, and on the way out we saw this temporary tattoo machine. she fell in love with the penguin so i kept giving her dollars to take into the restaurant, change for quarters, and dump into the machine until we got the penguin. it was the ninth out of ten; kind of took a while. once she had it she decided she wanted it to be more than temporary.
SoulRider.222, S50, M/M, Atlas Studio bathroom 12/27/09. Portland, Oregon.


12/27/09. Portland, Oregon. Nikon Coolpix S50. Handheld. SOOC.
#0007 - Coritiba Eternamente 7º Trabalho

tatto inc

7º Trabalho