Miscarriage - Tattoowise

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Oliver's Namesake Nikki lost a

angel wings tattoo miscarriage

Nikki lost a little unborn son named Oliver - A little girl named Olivia is coming in January to join the Morris Family. This photo is one of my favorites, it touches me so deep. I cant ever seem to look at it without thinking of Nikki's undying love and dedication she has for her loved ones. She is so real, so raw and so very beautiful... A touching tribute was the rattle tattoo her husband, Jeremiah Morris tattoed on her himself. He is a tattoo artist in Lawrenceville, Georgia.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Eyes Nikon N70, Nikkor

white tatoos on women

Nikon N70, Nikkor 85mm 1:1.8D Kodak Professional BW400CN
Mark's calf Mark is a

samurai horiyoshi

Mark is a good buddy, and we started this piece about three or so years back. We are both so busy, that it took this long to finally get the las session in last night. Just a nice, traditional Japanese samurai piece. Just freestyled the background behind some Horiyoshi III based figures.
Floral Leg Wrap! Very basic but

flower tattoo leg wrap

Very basic but amusing leg wrap.