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Oliver's Namesake Nikki lost a

angel wings tattoo miscarriage

Nikki lost a little unborn son named Oliver - A little girl named Olivia is coming in January to join the Morris Family. This photo is one of my favorites, it touches me so deep. I cant ever seem to look at it without thinking of Nikki's undying love and dedication she has for her loved ones. She is so real, so raw and so very beautiful... A touching tribute was the rattle tattoo her husband, Jeremiah Morris tattoed on her himself. He is a tattoo artist in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Three random tattoo ideas

pool world i almost got

japan rules on tattoos

i almost got kicked out of the pool floor of Spa World because a life guard saw i had a tattoo on my back. Kozy told him "He is not Yakuza! He is not Russian mob! He is American!" The guy said "Sorry that is our policy - no tattoos in Spaworld!" Kozy pleaded with him, and he was just trying to follow the rules, so he said "Maybe we can cover it up" and he ran and got three huge bandaids and leaned down (we were in the big "river" pool that wrapped around the whole place) and put them on my back to cover my tattoo. so i spent the rest of the night (we went to the pool at 11:30 PM - the baths and pools are open til 5 AM!) swimming around with 3 giant bandaids stuck to my back. It was kind of ridiculous The funniest part was our other friend Allan, who is of Filipino descent, who was standing in the pool with us, has a tattoo in the same place (or maybe an inch or two higher at the base of his neck) and they never noticed.
Rainbow Sugar Skull Beaded Bracelet I Love the

calavera skeleton tattoos

I Love the art of sugar skulls. I love the colors and the designs. The whole idea just intrigues me. There is a hidden skull inside the big black eye of the sugar skull, I think it's really cool and mysterious. The clasp is a clear iridescent Swarovski Crystal button. The bracelet measures 1-3/4" wide and is approximately 7-1/2" in length.