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I+E=T Collage Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

mother and child

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Rachael I have fallen

mother daughter sister tattoos

I have fallen in love with thie essence of this pic. Not the gurl! she's my friend lol! I Love my wife! (can someone tell my wife to let go of my ear!!)
Four Eyes 
At the blog,

mother son tats

At the blog, "Celebrating the Strawberry," here.
Rachael Flik-R not towards anyone-

tattoo sister and mother

not towards anyone- i just love the gesture!
Rachael He's a stranger

image mother daughter tattoo

He's a stranger to some And a vision to none He can never get enough, Get enough of the one 30STM
Mallory Deacon Mallory Deacon, Maternity

mother fairy tattoo

Mallory Deacon, Maternity Session, March 2009
Hombre que trabaja pierde tiempo precioso Proverbio cubano sul

mother tattoo gallery

Proverbio cubano sul Malecon, La Habana, Cuba 2009
Mallory Deacon Mallory Deacon, Maternity

tattoo fairy mother

Mallory Deacon, Maternity Session, March 2009

Three random tattoo ideas

本是同根生 (1) someone asked me

tatoo sharpie

someone asked me while i was working on this, if there was any meaning/ story associated with this piece. originally, i had a demonslayer in mind. so that explains the horns on the character at the bottom of the cup. then later on, i thought of a poem known as "Quatrain of Seven Steps" (七步诗) that i had to recite back when i was a student in singapore. 本(běn)是(shì)同(tóng)根(gēn)生(shēng), was a line in that poem, and it means "originating from the same root". i thought it would be awesome to depict brothers who chose different paths in life, the righteous versus the corrupt, and their bloody battle in the end. BUT now i have to deal with making up a story for these freaking horns i just drew because they cant be brothers if one of them has horns." i guess the story is, sometimes i dont have a story for all my works. i just like to draw. for more life changing thoughts: or for work in progress on this piece: facebook:
Alex II Und noch eins


Und noch eins vom letzten Shooting. Hier mit Auto eines Bekannten. Strobist Infos: 3 Strobes: 1 Nikon SB24 Bare at each Side behind her. 1 Nikon SB24 in a Softbox next to me on the right side.
Woohoo!!!! Tatooed buttocks ahoy!

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Tatooed buttocks ahoy!