Mother - Tattoowise

I+E=T Collage Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

mother and child

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Rachael I have fallen

mother daughter sister tattoos

I have fallen in love with thie essence of this pic. Not the gurl! she's my friend lol! I Love my wife! (can someone tell my wife to let go of my ear!!)
Four Eyes 
At the blog,

mother son tats

At the blog, "Celebrating the Strawberry," here.
Rachael Flik-R not towards anyone-

tattoo sister and mother

not towards anyone- i just love the gesture!
Rachael He's a stranger

image mother daughter tattoo

He's a stranger to some And a vision to none He can never get enough, Get enough of the one 30STM
Mallory Deacon Mallory Deacon, Maternity

mother fairy tattoo

Mallory Deacon, Maternity Session, March 2009
Hombre que trabaja pierde tiempo precioso Proverbio cubano sul

mother tattoo gallery

Proverbio cubano sul Malecon, La Habana, Cuba 2009
Mallory Deacon Mallory Deacon, Maternity

tattoo fairy mother

Mallory Deacon, Maternity Session, March 2009

Three random tattoo ideas

Tatt1.jpg The day after

art japanese tiger

The day after - Still have to go back for the Color. Healing up nicely and lookin pretty fierce I have to say.
Embroidery Bird Tattoo - May 09 Done at Planet

pink and blue sparrow tattoos

Done at Planet Ink by Brian
Hearts I spent 7/11

tattoo hearts

I spent 7/11 and 7/12 running the live broadcast of heart catheterization procedures to this big conference my boss runs. Part of the conference entailed a hands on "Bioskills" lab where they had pig hearts, but also human brains and other cadaver bits. It was gross, but really fascinating at the same time. These hearts were used to demonstrate different devices that close holes in the heart (ASD and PFO).