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Jean Luc Kanji Little Kanji Action

dragon tattoos with mountain back

Little Kanji Action for Jean Luc's first tattoo.
the earned cuddle Angels Landing hike,


Angels Landing hike, Zion National Park, peace on earth.
Their bitting.. My husband catching

mountain man tattoo

My husband catching his first fish for the day. Mi esposo pescando su primer pescado de el dia =)
 Minolta Autocord TLR

mountain tattoo

Minolta Autocord TLR | Kodak Portra 160vc
Pistol One of my

tattoo mountain

One of my favorite subjects, Pistol Pete Loncarevich. Also had him ride less than 6 inches above my face, at least a dozen times, for another shot I may upload eventually. My favorite shoot with him was the one I went bombing down a hill after him on bikes. What a rush!
Paulo Afonso - Bahia - Brazil Pés do guia

mountain tattoo gallery

Pés do guia de Paulo Afonso, "escalaminhando" para chegar ao topo da Serra do Umbuzeiro, o ponto mais alto do município de Paulo Afonso. To topo da serra, tem-se uma vista panorâmica, de 360 graus, de onde é possível avistar a divisa dos quatro estados que são limitados pelo Rio São Francisco: BA, PE, AL e SE.
Henna: Tribal Ram Freehand illustration.

mountain tattoo designs

Freehand illustration.
sesion avila modelo:marichu maquilladora:natalia fotografia

tatoo mountain

modelo:marichu maquilladora:natalia fotografia y estilismo:maria aguirre
roseland resort is autumn colors roseland resort is

tatoo of mountain

roseland resort is autumn colors, a guest on the porch of friendship hall.
Vancouver A sketch of

tattoo design mountain

A sketch of Vancouver. I was bored in Biology class.... wasn't sleeping... was drawing... this. This drawing was "out of the blue". 2003
Sea to Sky...or Die... Highway Ink on Paper,

mountain tattoo design

Ink on Paper, 2002. The Sea to Die...oops, Sky Highway in British Columbia, Canada. To find out more about the million dollar upgrades that tax payers are paying to keep this highway safe, check out the website posted below.
DISPLAY forehead symbols Forehead symbols... for

mountain tattoo photo

Forehead symbols... for your forehead! You get 40 in a pack for just L$125 There are 14 zodiac symbols, a bunch of planet symbols and a heap of misc ones. (Hearts, flowers, peace signs, ankhs and more) They can and will distort on some shapes, I provided some eyebrows to possibly work around the issue but it may just be down to different shapes!
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Three random tattoo ideas

Leaves Search For 'Livvy

black wrist tattoo design

Search For 'Livvy Shakespeare- Tattoo Artist' on Facebook- Get in touch for a tattoo consultation :)
Fake Rebellion? Check--Day 106 Day 106 of

friends symbol

Day 106 of Un Anno Nella Vita. So, Sarah has a ton of temporary tattoos, so everyone decided to put some on. Mira had [and still does] lips on her neck, a Chinese symbol on her wrist, and a tramp stamp. Sarah had a Chinese symbol on her wrist, Kazemi had a rose arm band on her forehead [and kept it there all day], and I had/have a Chinese symbol on my wrist. It was quite an eventful day. Full of Taboo, Hot Topic guys, those guys convincing us to buy them ice cream, Cold Stone, walking, walking, and more walking, sore feet, crazy bums, hilarious drunk [and sometimes gay] guys, QFC, campus tours, monkey sounds, Quad dance parties, Law Building dance parties, Xavier hall parties, door handles, water bottles, poop room parties, sitting at picnic tables until 4:30, not going back to our rooms until 5:00, falling asleep as the sun comes up. I wouldn't trade it for anything.