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Espadas y serpientes Set cartón y

tatto calavera muerte

Set cartón y tinta china
72 getting packages are

de muerte tattoos

getting packages are awesome. i got my Rebel 8 order today, and I'm pretty psyched about it. this made my day great. only thing that made my day good. work sucked. too much stuff going on. listening to: The Loved Ones - Massive 72/366 03/12/08
my sleeve is full of skulls and "la muerte"... San Fernando Blvd.


San Fernando Blvd. Burbank, CA
Lady Fortune Self portrait by

muerte mexicana tattoo

Self portrait by Nena with some graphic touch ups by me. :)
Tatuaje Fases 4 y 5. 4 Parte del árbol

muerte tatto

Parte del árbol y parte de Muerte Estudio: Bee - Shop Tatuador: David Arias
muerte used stock photo

muerte tattoo

used stock photo by Chonastock
Tatuaje: Fase 1 Primera parte del

muerte tattos

Primera parte del tatuaje de Dani. Muerte de Neil Gaiman. Pierna izquierda cara exterior Estudio: Bee-Shop Tatuador: David Arias
Needle's Side Tattoo Shop © Fanny BETEMPS

santa muerte tattoo art

© Fanny BETEMPS - 2010 Le MySpace d'Olive:
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Three random tattoo ideas

Untitled original painting by Russ Pearson "Untitled" - Russ

rose tattoo designs

"Untitled" - Russ Pearson 20"x24" acrylic on canvas - $80 at Russ Pearson is a tattoo artist from Denver, CO who incorporates the body art styles into his paintings. Any of his fine art could be interpreted as a tattoo and vice versa. His themes are iconic an popular, recognizable and solid. Russ isn't afraid of sharp, contrasting color, and gives his subjects life and large character. He just started painting seriously over the last few years. Before then it was just about once a year, sometimes twice, that he would sit down with the canvas. Russ says he likes to mess with all kinds of media however, in his own words, acrylic seems to fit him the best. Being a tattoo artist for a living doesn't really offer you the ability to always do "whatever you want" and fine art really seems to give him that part of the artistic freedom he was missing. Please message us if y
Tattoo got my tattoo

swallow on wrist tattoo

got my tattoo finally !