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getting packages are awesome. i got my Rebel 8 order today, and I'm pretty psyched about it. this made my day great. only thing that made my day good. work sucked. too much stuff going on. listening to: The Loved Ones - Massive 72/366 03/12/08
my sleeve is full of skulls and "la muerte"... San Fernando Blvd.


San Fernando Blvd. Burbank, CA
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Self portrait by Nena with some graphic touch ups by me. :)
Tatuaje Fases 4 y 5. 4 Parte del árbol

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Parte del árbol y parte de Muerte Estudio: Bee - Shop Tatuador: David Arias
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used stock photo by Chonastock
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Primera parte del tatuaje de Dani. Muerte de Neil Gaiman. Pierna izquierda cara exterior Estudio: Bee-Shop Tatuador: David Arias
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I bet this poor stoner gets the "HEY! You look like that guy from 'That 70s Show' !!!" all the time. Drag. For me, it was the whole Luke Perry deal in the early 90s. I lived in the Mission in SF, and all the little Mexican girls that lived next door to my buddy Liam who played bass for the "Proj" a local messenger band would flip out. Everytime I showed up they'd start screaming and running around..."Deeeelan!! Deeelan!!" as if I was actually the "Dylan" character from 90210. I never saw but little snippets of the show when changing channels. I was too cool to have even a purient interest in knowing what everyone was drooling over/mocking. From what I saw, he pursed his lips a lot, had a hair helmet and drove a vintage Porsche. In retrospect, I think I could do two of those things....and as long as the Porsche was thrown-in, I wouldn't care which of the other two it was. So, I salute this guy who has a styrofoam tankard of red, sugary drink and a cute girlfriend who crunches Mexican chips with aplomb.