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Espadas y serpientes Set cartón y

tatto calavera muerte

Set cartón y tinta china
72 getting packages are

de muerte tattoos

getting packages are awesome. i got my Rebel 8 order today, and I'm pretty psyched about it. this made my day great. only thing that made my day good. work sucked. too much stuff going on. listening to: The Loved Ones - Massive 72/366 03/12/08
my sleeve is full of skulls and "la muerte"... San Fernando Blvd.


San Fernando Blvd. Burbank, CA
Lady Fortune Self portrait by

muerte mexicana tattoo

Self portrait by Nena with some graphic touch ups by me. :)
Tatuaje Fases 4 y 5. 4 Parte del árbol

muerte tatto

Parte del árbol y parte de Muerte Estudio: Bee - Shop Tatuador: David Arias
muerte used stock photo

muerte tattoo

used stock photo by Chonastock
Tatuaje: Fase 1 Primera parte del

muerte tattos

Primera parte del tatuaje de Dani. Muerte de Neil Gaiman. Pierna izquierda cara exterior Estudio: Bee-Shop Tatuador: David Arias
Needle's Side Tattoo Shop © Fanny BETEMPS

santa muerte tattoo art

© Fanny BETEMPS - 2010 Le MySpace d'Olive:
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Three random tattoo ideas

English111 & Edwardian More and more

tattoo script font free

More and more clients ask for fine scripts. I like this very much because it belongs to our culture and more than this ..... they really think about it what to fix in their skin and what's really belonging to their life. This time a mode grows which i can accept in my mind as a tattoo-artist of the older culture, because when i started tattooing in the 70s tattoos were a domain only for bad and / or tough guys, not for kids and not for housewifes. Sorry for my unlikely words, i only use them to demonstrate the mind in the time when i got in touch with tattooing and choosed this art as my way. Whenever you think about getting tattooed, think about what's yours and what will be yours your whole life, in good times and in bad times. In this mind you're allways welcome ;)