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Tinta Jennifer

fotos tattoos de mujeres
Sandra y Sabi 2 Modelos: Sandra y

mujeres tatoo

Modelos: Sandra y Sabi. Fotógrafo: Fernando de Noguera.
Tinta Portada

mujeres tattoos
Embarcadero Sesión fotográfica Desnudo

tattoo de mujeres

Sesión fotográfica Desnudo Artístico Modelo: Yoli, Susana y Jesica Fecha: 20/09/2009
Tattoo girl with bike The native tattoo

tattoo mujeres

The native tattoo girl fastens her bike to a stand at the skateboarder square in Barcelona

Three random tattoo ideas

Rocket_Pop Following the art

tattoo art around ears

Following the art direction of Brian M. Viveros paintings & illustrations .
SPQR  I dont understand

sea and waves tattoos

I dont understand why if I arrive in a place and I pull out the camera, suddendly who else around has got a camera needs to pull out his/her own camera!!! Yesterday, when I arrived at the beach to get some picture of the waves, immediately two guys that were relaxing on the beach pulled out their camera...bah!!!! =))) One of the two is the one in this shot just after he grabbed his camera and start wandering around the beach...
mother and daughter Julianne has joined

twins tatoo

Julianne has joined the Army and is going to be deployed to Iraq. I spent several days photographing some of the last days she spent with her family in the home she grew up in in Mokelumne Hill California