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Tinta Jennifer

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Sandra y Sabi 2 Modelos: Sandra y

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Modelos: Sandra y Sabi. Fotógrafo: Fernando de Noguera.
Tinta Portada

mujeres tattoos
Embarcadero Sesión fotográfica Desnudo

tattoo de mujeres

Sesión fotográfica Desnudo Artístico Modelo: Yoli, Susana y Jesica Fecha: 20/09/2009
Tattoo girl with bike The native tattoo

tattoo mujeres

The native tattoo girl fastens her bike to a stand at the skateboarder square in Barcelona

Three random tattoo ideas

Village Elder of Longwa _0338 These photographs are

tatoo mon

These photographs are of the Longwa Village in the Mon District of Nagaland, Northeast India.
Inked girl a commitment tattoo

tatuagem pret

a commitment tattoo , no flowers , cartoons , or hearts herse , am curious about the symbolism , if anyone knows could they explain .
my bike lydia i repainted her

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i repainted her and she looks nice...but now i want her to be either a teal with tan guards....OR a mustard-ish yellow with tan guards:]