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Tinta Jennifer

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Sandra y Sabi 2 Modelos: Sandra y

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Modelos: Sandra y Sabi. Fotógrafo: Fernando de Noguera.
Tinta Portada

mujeres tattoos
Embarcadero Sesión fotográfica Desnudo

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Sesión fotográfica Desnudo Artístico Modelo: Yoli, Susana y Jesica Fecha: 20/09/2009
Tattoo girl with bike The native tattoo

tattoo mujeres

The native tattoo girl fastens her bike to a stand at the skateboarder square in Barcelona

Three random tattoo ideas

29525_430875419438_562889438_5525527_181095_n "Walking along in

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"Walking along in this haze of confusion, Sometimes I collect sometimes it takes all of my strength Just to find enough reason to take the next step, step but I will, but I will, till I do"
Caveira Mexicana foto da primeira


foto da primeira sessão , ainda falta colorir
No More Parachute Promo shoot for

tattos pop

Promo shoot for local pop-punk band No More Parachute. I suppose I should mention: the title of their EP is 'Etiquette', so we shot some shots with a funny, loose 'etiquette' theme. Thus the formal dinner, tea time, and croquet shots. Strobist: flashes camera left & right, above. Full power each.