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Tachilek Province, Myanmar Burmese man with

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Burmese man with "magical" tattoos. He was nice enough to invite me into his home.
Tattooed Face Lady 1 Tattooing the faces

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Tattooing the faces of young women is a tradition that after many centuries in Myanmar has now come to an end. Beautiful girls from villages in the Chin state had their faces tattooed in order to taint their beauty and stop men from other tribes and kingdoms unwillingly taking them away and forcing them to marry. Now the practice has come to an end, with only a few last remaining generations of tattooed ladies existing today.
Tattooed woman, Pan Paung In elusive Chin

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In elusive Chin State, women are famed for their tattooed faces. Traditional reasons vary slightly, from the Chin women being so beautiful that the menfolk tattooed their faces to disguise their beauty from marauding Burmese, to mothers tattooing their daughters in fear of the King taking them as concubines. These legends are centuries old, so in recent times people did it simply because everyone else was doing it. And now...everyone else is not. In the village of Pan Paung, this woman was the oldest remaining tattooed lady at age 70, while the youngest was 60. Sharp as a tack, this one. When asked if the tattooing hurt, she replied that it actually hurt twice...because she had to pay to have it done.
Cross tattoo Rangoon , Burma

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Rangoon , Burma in details.

Three random tattoo ideas

151/365:2 new custom toe

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new custom toe guards from derby vixen yay! based on my tattoo which is based on a design by hero design studio.
Nike Air Max 1 iD "J4 Bred" - 2010 CHECK MATE! These

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CHECK MATE! These are my Nike Jordan IV "Bred" inspired AM1 iDs called "J4 Bred". I have a soft spot for that shoe so it made sense to draw inspiration from it and create this iD. I also took reference from an existence AM1 iD from fellow ISS member, CRISUNO. He made a similar make-up when the AM1 iD was available in 2007. The difference between mine and his are: He has a suede swoosh, he used Hot Red for the out-sole, has black laces, his heel Nike emblem is grey and it has a red air unit. I wanted to switch it up a bit and re-mixed mine with a 3M swoosh, Beet Red out-sole, Nike heel emblem is Beet Red, White Laces with Red aglets and my air unit is silver. Unfortunately you can not customize the air unit this time around. At least not yet. If it was possible I would have made it White to complete the design. That's why I added the White laces. I needed some white in there and so I took the laces from my Patta AM1 "Navy Denim & Cords" and added th