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IMG_4626 Tattoo progression

tattoo of namaste

Tattoo progression
IMG_4622 Tattoo progression


Tattoo progression
Namasté One flash camera

namaste tattoo designs

One flash camera left above the head but below the camera with a shoot through umbrella. One strobe at head level directly to her right. One strobe on floor behind head to rim light the hair.
Dao #7 <b>Lifeforms III. -

namaste tattoo photo

Lifeforms III. - Dao #7 slovenia © 2012 Mitja Kobal-Cwithe facebook
IMG_4624 Tattoo progression

tatoo namaste

Tattoo progression
Day 260 - Good Morning Doing some push

tattoo and namaste

Doing some push ups and a little stretching before hopping in the shower.
IMG_4621 Tattoo progression

tattoo namaste

Tattoo progression
The light within me honors the light within you. Namaste. The placing of

namaste yoga tattoo

The placing of the hands together (prayer) in greeting is known as Namaste. Here my hands are behind my back as done in Yoga, reverse prayer. Namaste, Namaskara or Namaskaram (Sanskrit: नमस्ते [nʌmʌsˈteː] from external sandhi between namaḥ and te) is a common spoken greeting or salutation in the South Asia. "The light within me honors the light within you." (in yoga) Pose: reverse prayer ( Viparita Namaska ) Aum Tattoo - Aum (also Om, written in Devanagari as ॐ) is the signifier of the ultimate truth that all is one Texture: Skeletal Mess - - thank you!! Explore # highest position 186 PIC OF THE WEEK: - ghostworks 31/8/2009 Please don't use this image on websites,
IMG_4627 My newest tattoo:

namaste tattoo namaste

My newest tattoo: Namaste Namaste is a word I learned through yoga. The most common spiritual translation is "I bow to the spirit within you" and it is said after every yoga workout as you and the instructor bow to each other. Namaste (to me) means that I bow to the divinity within you, and within myself. One of my favorite interpretations is "The Divinity within me perceives and adores the Divinity within you." This tattoo was a gift from my friend Bryant.

Three random tattoo ideas

Celtic Chinese American "L'habit ne fait

tatoo chinese

"L'habit ne fait pas le moine" (thanks Eglantine) Frank Allen was having coffee with a friend at a table next to ours- I had noticed his rather obvious tatoos and figured it might make a good photo. So I asked permission to shoot and went back to my table, and later took this shot. I had assumed he was a biker or some other artsy character, since we were in the Lower East Side. Turns out he is a master Ba Gua Kung Fu and Northern Wu Tai Chi master, and had trained with the top Chinese grandmasters for over 35 years. His tatoos are Celtic and Chinese. A very nice guy who of course had not heard of my own grand master. Maybe I'll go practice with him for a while. His center's Wu Tang website . This picture is #15 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at - musikzimmer säule music room art  <a href=""></a>


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Horus 1 Day 1,fresh from

eye of horus fire tattoo

Day 1,fresh from the tatooist. Already red and slightly raised. No flash.