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Three random tattoo ideas

Bajo el sol 27 Fotógrafa: Viviana Álvarez

alas angel tatuaje

Fotógrafa: Viviana Álvarez Modelo: Rocío Suárez Galán
the wrong side of the moon. a good good

black moon tattoos

a good good friend of mine from back when. this was ben's first tattoo and he was pretty stoked to get it. funny story because i wanted to go with him to the shop when he got it done, but he insisted on going it alone. sure enough, the dumbass tattoo artist messed up part of it by coloring in the wrong part. that's why you should always bring a friend :) too bad the tattoo artist ruined one of the moons, it would've been such a rad tattoo. i believe he eventually got sick of people telling him it was wrong and got them all filled in to solid black. and got a bible passage underneath it...