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Three random tattoo ideas

Alopecia Areata [july 07] "In alopecia areata,

compassion tattoos

"In alopecia areata, the affected hair follicles are mistakenly attacked by a person's own immune system (white blood cells), resulting in the arrest of the hair growth stage. Hair loss may progress to the entire body, or may be limited to one or two patches on the scalp. There is always the potential for regrowth, however there are no guaranteed treatments and there is no cure." This is my newest spot, conveniently located right smack dab in the front of my head. Luckily, it's fairly easy to cover by the way I part my hair. So far, it's the only one I have right now (that I can see, at least). The last time I noticed any bald spots were sometime back in middle school/high school, so a good many years ago. I wanted to post this picture because it's a true self portrait. Although in my daily life I may get caught up in trying my hardest to cover it, it's important for me to remembe
DSC_1148 Juliana's foot "Life

cute foot tats

Juliana's foot "Life is a Cabaret"