Namorados - Tattoowise

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Three random tattoo ideas

tattoo redo -- phase one Phase one of

spool and thread tattoo

Phase one of a cover-up job. Picture taken about four hours after it was done. The shadowy area in the center of the yarn ball was a horribly botched tattoo that I designed years ago. It was still very dark and scarred and I am surprised that this first session covered it as well as it did! So happy! :) Also -- the perspectives look a bit more off than they actually are because of the way my shoulder is angled in this shot.
Skinned I've figured out

skinned tattoo

I've figured out a new way to photograph tattoos. Yes, this an actual tattoo on someone's leg! Look at all sizes, you can see her leg hairs! Also - the tattoo is still on her person, it hasn't been surgically removed! Tattoo by Joe Larralde I'll be pushing this concept into some ideas I've had lately... stay tuned!