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Portrait with Eyes and Freckles on Her Back I was afraid

nape of the neck tattoo designs

I was afraid to take her picture without asking, seemed she would know I did it somehow.... Tulsa State Fair, October 7, 2007 Visit my daily quote and drawing blog Napkin Dad Daily It will make your brain bigger and your day better.
PhotonQ-Manticore Among Us Crossing down a

nape tattoo full gallery

Crossing down a street can become a curious ride... I had to have radical emergency amateur brain surgery to remove a nanochip from my cerebellum before I stroked from a neurochemical overload.--- Max (Dark Angel )
102_0433 A recent, clearer

heart nape tattoo

A recent, clearer photo of my tattoo/anchor :) Tattoo by Emma @ Aurora, Lancaster Microdermal by Sean @ Blackpool Body Piercing Clinic, Blackpool
The End Result Rub-on tattoo.

nape of the neck tattoo

Rub-on tattoo.
A snake on my shoulders Photo by Alex,

tattoo for the nape

Photo by Alex, editing by me.
Mattel, Inc Reflection in an

tattoo nape

Reflection in an aluminum storage cannister for dried pasta.
face the music Those who dance

tattoo nape of neck

Those who dance are fools. Those who watch are fools. Might as well dance.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Adam Barton AB drawing up

adam barton tattoos

AB drawing up some tattoos. " she's sweating my friends, and my hurricane shoes, she likes the records I spin, my Adam Barton tattoos , but she can't say "what's up", so what does she do, she just stays posted up, the other side of the room, i got AMC tattooed on my hand , i got black wall street on a black bandana.." i found some old photos that i took with my Sidekick 2 from 2005ish. quality really lacks in these, so sorry about that. but i thought i would share.
Science Friction; Rick with Dave You Give Me

retro tattoo free gallery

You Give Me Friction But I Dig Friction You Know I'm Crazy About Friction Warrington artists and musicians Rick Hagan and Crazy Dave. They would not look out of place in a science fiction space opera. They could be on a distant planet, or maybe just popped out of Sigourney Weaver's air conditioning duct (or maybe the Spar on Thelwall New Road). I remember reading a few Edward E (Doc) Smith books in my wasted youth, from his Skylark and Lensman series. Rick or Dave could drop out of any of these, straight off the page. In the Mos Eisley Cantina watering hole maybe you might find them in a booth, Rick with a mug of white tea (as he doesn't normally drink) and Dave with a two bottles (double round) of Colt 45s with Lando. More classic sepia and black and white Have a look at some of my other cool people images on Flickr - Butterfly Tattoo Minha linda borboleta.

tattoo de flores de borboleta

Minha linda borboleta.