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Tatooed Runner Great Eastern Women's


Great Eastern Women's 10k
Reggie Fresh The homie.

fresh nike tattoos

The homie.
HALF WAY THERE 183/365 Taken at home

nike tattoos

Taken at home in Salford Today i am half way through my 365. i was glad to get rid of that hair, it's the most hair i have had for over twenty years, and straight after this shot i got rid of the rest.
I'm a DesigNERD i'm a designerd

tattoo design nike

i'm a designerd :D _____________________ my hair is a mess >.< i have to dye it again the soon as posible!
Vacaciones!! / Holidays!! Foto sacada por

tattoo gallery nike

Foto sacada por el amigo Juampa hace unos dias en el Tigre. Me voy de Vacaciones Y dejo como ultima foto esta hasta mi regreso. Saludos a todos/as! Goodbye everybody!
 New Tattoo (East

tattoo nike gallery

New Tattoo (East Side Ink, NY) by Kelly Krantz iPhone 3G.
Nike watching cute is

nike tattoo on foot

watching cute is what we aim for
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Three random tattoo ideas

fiber tattoo BW2 trying to decide

celtic triskele tattoos

trying to decide which triplet 'knot' looks best with the animals for a bracelet tattoo (left wrist)
The Raptor Displaying in the

tattoos of alaska

Displaying in the Cotswolds skies during RIAT 2010 in glorious conditions. Nikon D90 Tamron 70-300mm f/4-5.6
Gargoil This is a

tattoo and tree of life and back

This is a lamp I made from some spare parts left over after an old porsche I had died from a case of "sudden pine syndrome". I hit a tree. I have a lamp. Taken with an old pentax 35mm slr 50mm lens. Scanned from slide.