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BILD0056 Digital camera

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Digital camera
Cocktails with Porn Stars 298 What better way

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What better way to end the work day than a happy hour with porn stars at Micky's (Pre-burn) in West Hollywood?
Ela Pasion @ Import Showcase 2012 Import Showcase 2012

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Import Showcase 2012 by Import Fashion Torrance, CA 2/12/2012 Nikon D90 Nikkor 18-70 Speedlight SB-600
blaukleid3 (50) Digital camera

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Digital camera
2011 Calendar Order now and

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Order now and have plenty of time for the holidays. 12 months - 40 boobs! thats 3.3 boobs per page. This 11 x 17 calendar Features all the paintings from the Tits and Tats series as well as a few extras. Pin these tits on your wall today. In stock and ready to now shipping. Buy it now here:
"This Is Not A Penis, This Is An Ear Of Corn" Acrylic/ Ink (covered

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Acrylic/ Ink (covered the lady parts for friendly viewing and crap like that) 8" x 10"
Distanced Lover Michael Carrell

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Michael Carrell
Amelia Just love the

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Just love the way she curls her toes when I asked her to "point them at me." LOL!
 The guys decide

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The guys decide to show a little nipple..

Three random tattoo ideas

Octopus & Treasure I am a

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I am a Pisces.... This was the beginning of what will eventually be and entire oceanic leg piece! There are many reasons and stories to every tattoo I have... Long story shor t... This tattoo symbolizes me, adaptable, mysterious & fluid....seezing my dreams (the treasure) ans swimming upward from the bottom! Done by Franky 4 Fingers @ Bennetts Tattoo Sapulpa ok
Pullin' <a href=";w=94067846@N00">Ben</a> pulling

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Ben pulling espresso at Kaffeine. My Photo SiteMy BlogMy TwitterPhosr
"We are each of us in this world an angel with only one wing. In order to fly we must embrace each other.” Day 68 Year

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Day 68 Year 2: This started as an attempt to model one of the necklaces I made over the weekend...not sure how successful it is in that regard, but I still like it ;) I think I look rather angelic...but only cuz you can't see the horns that my halo sits on up there ;)