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BILD0056 Digital camera

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Digital camera
Cocktails with Porn Stars 298 What better way

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What better way to end the work day than a happy hour with porn stars at Micky's (Pre-burn) in West Hollywood?
Ela Pasion @ Import Showcase 2012 Import Showcase 2012

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Import Showcase 2012 by Import Fashion Torrance, CA 2/12/2012 Nikon D90 Nikkor 18-70 Speedlight SB-600
blaukleid3 (50) Digital camera

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Digital camera
2011 Calendar Order now and

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Order now and have plenty of time for the holidays. 12 months - 40 boobs! thats 3.3 boobs per page. This 11 x 17 calendar Features all the paintings from the Tits and Tats series as well as a few extras. Pin these tits on your wall today. In stock and ready to now shipping. Buy it now here:
"This Is Not A Penis, This Is An Ear Of Corn" Acrylic/ Ink (covered

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Acrylic/ Ink (covered the lady parts for friendly viewing and crap like that) 8" x 10"
Distanced Lover Michael Carrell

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Michael Carrell
Amelia Just love the

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Just love the way she curls her toes when I asked her to "point them at me." LOL!
 The guys decide

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The guys decide to show a little nipple..

Three random tattoo ideas

465/731 - Woo! So today is

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So today is day 100 of year two! Haha. Awesome. Here's me last year on day 100! I'm not dreading work as bad as I normally would today. Probably thanks to that RAISE I got yesterday! Hahaha. My next two weeks is going to be a little insane. Here's a quick rundown. Today May 22nd - Work, 4pm - 3am. Tomorrow May 23rd - Off. Spending as much time as possible with Justin. Saturday May 24th - Justin's leaving to go to South Carolina. Boo. Work 7pm - 3am, hope I can find a ride home. Sunday May 25th - Bored. Hopefully get my eyebrows waxed. (Also my brother's birthday, maybe my mom would come get me and take me home? Dunno.) Monday May 26th - Work 6am - 5pm. Come home, PACKKKK. Tuesday May 27th - Ditto from Monday. Wednesday May 28th - Take bus(es) to Airport, fly to LAS VEGAS. Thursday May 29th - Justin comes home from SC, but I'll be in LAS VEGAS. Friday May 30th - Monday June 2nd - Continue
 my leg is

ankle flower and vine tattoo

my leg is still a bit swollen