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 Cliente: Banda Anoxika

nud gallery

Cliente: Banda Anoxika Foto/Edição: Lucas Sene Local: NUD Lounge Club, Jacareí/SP Aguardem mais fotos! Para mais informações da banda Anoxika: Perfil no Myspace: Comunidade do Orkut:
look at me tatoo studio lighting:

tattoo nud see

tatoo studio lighting: fluorescent location: Cluj-Napoca model's name: censured
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Three random tattoo ideas

DSC_0049ps man with tattoo

king kamehameha

man with tattoo
Flore 2 unreleased photos

desenhos de flore para tatuagem

2 unreleased photos of the last shooting with Flore at my place, Paris. Not on the site LOBBIAZ.COM
126|365 it's frustrating those days you

how to express myself in a tattoo

those days you have when you're creativity has just completely flown out the window. and its coming up on midnight, so there isn't much energy left in the day. i need to start taking my pictures earlier in the day. other wise it gets to midnight and i'm so beat that i don't even know what to do.