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 Cliente: Banda Anoxika

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Cliente: Banda Anoxika Foto/Edição: Lucas Sene Local: NUD Lounge Club, Jacareí/SP Aguardem mais fotos! Para mais informações da banda Anoxika: Perfil no Myspace: Comunidade do Orkut:
look at me tatoo studio lighting:

tattoo nud see

tatoo studio lighting: fluorescent location: Cluj-Napoca model's name: censured
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Three random tattoo ideas

Tahiti Tatoo Done in Moorea,

tatuagem tahitian

Done in Moorea, French polynesia by Albert. Arranged by the Moorea Pearl Resort. We took one of his general designs and added a few things I wanted. The tiki(the face) is the guardian/protector and the 3 loops right above the nose represent the 3 kids. The triangles on the left side are shark's teeth representing strength and the braid just to the right of them represents ancestors. So..The tiki protects the family with the strength and wisdom of the ancestors. It took about 2 hours to do and he did a great job...hurt like hell down on the shoulderblade and ribs, but it was worth it :)
Pretty in pink Digital StillCamera

peony tattoo arm

Digital StillCamera
tattoo barriga Personalizada - Pé/Perna/Panturrilha

tatuagens de panturrilha

Personalizada - Pé/Perna/Panturrilha