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 Cliente: Banda Anoxika

nud gallery

Cliente: Banda Anoxika Foto/Edição: Lucas Sene Local: NUD Lounge Club, Jacareí/SP Aguardem mais fotos! Para mais informações da banda Anoxika: Perfil no Myspace: Comunidade do Orkut:
look at me tatoo studio lighting:

tattoo nud see

tatoo studio lighting: fluorescent location: Cluj-Napoca model's name: censured
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Three random tattoo ideas

caro13 y asi quedo

zona tatoo

y asi quedo life is full of decisions and their consequences 06 .07
A work in progress... 4 ...only 4 hours

tattoo nicosia

...only 4 hours to go.
Russian doll this is my

i have a tattoo on the right leg

this is my most recent tatto on the back of my right leg(i think i'll have to fix her it looks too engry).....more photos and more tat soon.....