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 Cliente: Banda Anoxika

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Cliente: Banda Anoxika Foto/Edição: Lucas Sene Local: NUD Lounge Club, Jacareí/SP Aguardem mais fotos! Para mais informações da banda Anoxika: Perfil no Myspace: Comunidade do Orkut:
look at me tatoo studio lighting:

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tatoo studio lighting: fluorescent location: Cluj-Napoca model's name: censured
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Three random tattoo ideas

CIRCLECITY IN PRIDE 2010 <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

people with wing tattoos PLEASE,NO GROUP INVITATIONS !!
100 Strangers #013(Carlos) I met Carlos

desenhos de tatuagens carlos

I met Carlos at the Caixa Forum in Madrid. Carlos is a real Madrilenian and works as a stylist. He immediately agreed on me taking his picture and was very easy to talk too as well as very colaborative when it came to posing. He showed some genuine interest in the project and we had quite a nice chat. He had been had the Caixa Forum that day to see the Dalí exhibition and when I asked him about his tatoos, it turned out how big of a Dalí fan he really is! The stripes, that you can see are actually legs, that belong to elephants, inspired by Dalís famous painting "Les Elephants" (see picture below). While we were talking, I mentioned, that he was the 12th stranger, whose picture I had taken and he said jokingly, that he was kind of disappointed not to be number 13. Funny it turned out, that he actually was the 13nd person, whose picture I took! In hindsight I wish, that I had asked him to let go of his bag and sunglasses, because I think, that the picture would look way cooler without that, but well learning from your mistakes is part of this project, I guess! :) This picture is #13 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at
dad and mum brooches handstitched felt brooches.

mum and dad tattoo

handstitched felt brooches.