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Absence Makes The Heart Grow Far stayin away from

art nudes tattoo

stayin away from the people.
No Need For Hater Blockers self shot :)

beach nudes

self shot :)
78/365: hidden stories View On Black

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View On Black 08.24.08 I just laid around and watched TV all day. I feel like explaining my tattoo. Everyone has an explanation for a tattoo. Even if it's just spur of the moment. Like the one on my foot. Anyway, this one is my first. It is by far the most precious to me. When I was 12, my best friend, sister, and niece all promised one another to get a tattoo of a butterfly. We were young, and always wanted to be more, and butterflies kind of show that. Plus, we had this thing... And our symbol for it was a butterfly. Long story short, I am the only one out of the 4 that actually went threw with it. And I don't regret it at all!
NudesII 12 Courtney Brazelton (C)2010

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Courtney Brazelton (C)2010 Nima Taradji Photography - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Poltergeist. For Kid Glory

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For Kid Glory Magazine. Pecan Grove, Texas May 2009
Something Came From Nothing Today while I was

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while I was saying no.
Untitled Striped Sheet Series, Savannah 2001, #18803 From the original

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From the original Striped Sheet Series, Holga Camera, Tri-X 120 film, scanned negative.
NudesII 6 (C)2010 Nima Taradji

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(C)2010 Nima Taradji Photography - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Balance. Pecan Grove, Texas.

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Pecan Grove, Texas. May 2009.
NudesII 7 (C)2010 Nima Taradji

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(C)2010 Nima Taradji Photography - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Three random tattoo ideas

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heart scissors tattoo

some healed tattoo experimets I did on myself. the cherryblossom is the first time using color, the other flower was a test to get a light and watercolor-like feel. the sewing tattoo was done only with color and I kind of like that softness!
Kill Franki Kill !!! Outtake taken from

flash tattoo art

Outtake taken from Hollywood Music TV VJs Jimmy Roc & Franki Doll's magazine cover and flyer shoot at Johnny's Saloon off Beach Blvd. Thank you Johnny, Corey, Panties, Brian and everyone else for the location and all the help today. Played around with a Dave Hillish look in Photoshop. Photoflex Starflash Strobe reflected into an umbrella over my right shoulder. Explore: 2008-06-15: #377 This is the first photo of mine to be on the Explore page. :) Thanks!