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Heathen Tattoo, Odin on Sleipnir An example of

odin tattoo gallery

An example of a religious tattoo used in Heathenry / Asatru. This one belongs to Horsa of the Chiltern Kindred. The artist was 'Woody' who owns a tattooing studio in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. The image shows Odin riding his eight legged horse 'Sleipnir'.
Walknot & Ravens Tattoo Timba went for

odin ravens tattoo

Timba went for a smoke while Rob took a few to check out the work in a couple of mirrors. During that time blood worked to the surface and created an interesting image.
Getting inked René's son Odin

odin tattoo

René's son Odin getting inked again artist: Robo Rotterdam
Hávamál, 139-140 Translation of poem:

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Translation of poem: (138) I know that I hung, on a windy tree, for all of nine nights, wounded with a spear, and given to Óðinn, myself to myself, on that tree, which no man knows, from what roots it runs. (139) They gave me no bread. They gave me no mead. I looked down, with a loud cry I took up runes from that tree I fell. (140) Potent songs nine from the famed son I learned of Bölthorn, Bestla’s sire,and a draught obtained of the precious mead, drawn from Odhrærir. (These are rough translations from various sources)
Odin Tattoo Lonny's Odin Tattoo

tattoo odin viking

Lonny's Odin Tattoo
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Three random tattoo ideas

January 29, 2010 ~ Day Once Today started with

les paul guitar tattoos

Today started with a fever and a stomache ache, but the good thing about that is that when you wake up feeling like crap, you know that the day can only get better. And it did. I sat in the commons and talked to Travis and Chaz for a while before class which was nice. Classes were very boring and I ended up falling asleep in the car during lunch and missing my last 2 classes of the day. But I got a nice nap. Then after school, there was the anual "Battle of the Bands". I only got to go for one of the bands ( Blatant Camouflage) which happened to be the band that I'm the "Manager" of and I got some great shots in. These four boys are some of the sweetest you could ever find, Ryan (one of the guitarists) even threw me his guitar pick when they were done =) which I will keep forever and ever =) I love those boys. They really made my day. This picture is of Ryan and his B-E-A-utiful Les Paul guitar =) which I am in love with. If i ever get good at guitar, that's the only kind of guitar I would ever consider playing =P Sweet dreams all.