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Heathen Tattoo, Odin on Sleipnir An example of

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An example of a religious tattoo used in Heathenry / Asatru. This one belongs to Horsa of the Chiltern Kindred. The artist was 'Woody' who owns a tattooing studio in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. The image shows Odin riding his eight legged horse 'Sleipnir'.
Walknot & Ravens Tattoo Timba went for

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Timba went for a smoke while Rob took a few to check out the work in a couple of mirrors. During that time blood worked to the surface and created an interesting image.
Getting inked René's son Odin

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René's son Odin getting inked again artist: Robo Rotterdam
Hávamál, 139-140 Translation of poem:

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Translation of poem: (138) I know that I hung, on a windy tree, for all of nine nights, wounded with a spear, and given to Óðinn, myself to myself, on that tree, which no man knows, from what roots it runs. (139) They gave me no bread. They gave me no mead. I looked down, with a loud cry I took up runes from that tree I fell. (140) Potent songs nine from the famed son I learned of Bölthorn, Bestla’s sire,and a draught obtained of the precious mead, drawn from Odhrærir. (These are rough translations from various sources)
Odin Tattoo Lonny's Odin Tattoo

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Lonny's Odin Tattoo

Three random tattoo ideas

Discipline is a positive habit Como buena hija

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Como buena hija de italiano, me encanta comer ... por eso debo encontrar el equilibrio entre lo que entra y lo que sale de mi cuerpo. El ejercicio es como respirar y finalmente estoy reorganizando todo para encontrar un espacio para descargar estrés y recargar energía... As a good daughter of Italian, I love to eat ... I must therefore find a balance between what goes in and what comes out of my body. Exercise is like breathing and I'm finally reorganizing everything to find a place to download stress and restoring energy ...
Time for more pain Back at Black

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Back at Black Widow to color my foodog on the right side. Tattooed by Martin Black Widow Shop Manila, Philippines