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Busted for burnout He did a

harley old school tattoos

He did a burnout on Main Street on Saturday night and the cops told him to knock it off. He rolled 10 feet and did it again and they wrote him up. We think he wanted a cool souvenir.
girlhead Ink on a

tattoo old school designs

Ink on a very old off cut piece of bockingford water colour paper that I treat to a chemical bath. scanner hasn't picked up the subtleties in tones and has weird'ed it out a bit. texture to the paper feels like cotton. It has a really nice look and feel to it For more info: www.facebook.com/scotthtattoo daily updates: instagram @sc0tt_
Bow and Crossbones Face of 2012 Bow and Crossbones

cherry tattoo model old school

Bow and Crossbones Face of 2012 Photo by ​www.retrophoto.co.uk/ Make up by Betty Flowers Hair by Kessie May
For The Love Of Music Band: Break Dance

old school music tattoos

Band: Break Dance Not Hearts
P1100658 Deliciously different tattoo

cherry blossom old school tattoo

Deliciously different tattoo illustration/flash handmade cards
Seen Drawing On Spray Can Label SEEN drawing a

old school tattoo style drawing

SEEN drawing a throw-up on a 1966 krylon bright silver enamel paper label.

Three random tattoo ideas