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Lee Roy Minugh ChestPiece Redoing the Lee

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Redoing the Lee Roy Chestpiece from an old photo for Lee Roy's Grandson... not an easy task... now let me begin to work on Jody stuff again, i'll get back to it later... FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/donchuckcarvalho BLOG: thetraditionalway.blogspot.com/ TWITTER: twitter.com/#!/chuckcarvalho
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FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/donchuckcarvalho BLOG: thetraditionalway.blogspot.com/ TWITTER: twitter.com/#!/chuckcarvalho
Katzen Klub kannibal karneval Camiseta/t-shirt  Katzen

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RICHARD SEEN MIRANDO History teacher giving

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History teacher giving class lessons

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India - Arunachal Pradesh - Apatani woman The dress of

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The dress of the Apatanis is elaborate and colorful, yet simple in style. Tattooing and the stuffing of large nose plugs (yaping hullo) were once popular among the women, although this practice has gradually fallen into decline in recent years. This practice is believed to have started because the women wanted to look unattractive to males from neighboring tribes. Apatani women were considered to be the most beautiful ones among all the Arunachal tribes. Younger members of this community have stopped this traditional practice. Traditionally, the men tie their hair in a knot just above the forehead (locally called piiding) using a brass rod (piiding khotu) measuring 12 inches, placed horizontally. Strips of fine cane belt painted in red (yari) and bent into the shape of a horse-collar with an elongated end were also worn. These strips of cane are loosely fastened together, with the loop
Astek exchange sorry no color...didnt

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sorry no color...didnt wanna ruin it...for somereason i kinda put my all into it...havent done that in Awhile...
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