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GUANO at jelly papertoy show GUANO toy at

cat old school tattoo

GUANO toy at the Jelly papertoy show. Thanks to Nokhook for making these up for me!!! www.flickr.com/photos/nokhookdesign/ www.thejellyproject.com A4 templates available here www.flickr.com/photos/guanodesign/2923995473/
All I Want.....Candy!! Photo by Daniel

cherry tattoos old school

Photo by Daniel Cruz danielcruz.viewbook.com
Olive's Block © Fanny BETEMPS

free old school tattoo art

© Fanny BETEMPS - 2010 www.myspace.com/needlesside Le MySpace d'Olive: www.myspace.com/aubersubjekt
MySpace Ad für Scarlett O' Honey MySpace Ad für

myspace tattoo old school

MySpace Ad für Scarlett O' Honey
Randy Tatto Artist. American

old english tattoos pictures

Tatto Artist. American Pride Tattoo. Pontiac, MI
Happy guy after I showed some interest on that tattoo.. Well...He eventually fake-tattooed

old hindu tattoo

Well...He eventually fake-tattooed me...outside the Hindu temple, Mangesh :/

old lion tattoos

I always run into the most random people at Waffle House. It never fails.
bob queiroz Bob Queiroz Brazilian

old maori tattos

Bob Queiroz Brazilian Tattoo Artist São Paulo - Brazil - novaescola4@hotmail.com www.gellystatoo.com.br 55 11 3813-7239
Dottie Color Halftone Pinup Tried to make

old pinup tattoo

Tried to make this one look like something from an old calender, desaturated and with color halftone. blow up to original size to see what i mean.
CNN Special Fun with pictures

old rose tattoo

Fun with pictures at Photofunia
caveira psychobilly tattoo feita durante

old school caveira

tattoo feita durante o evento Psycho Art Tattoo que rolou em Curitiba no estúdio TattooHolic!!!!!
Gil Elvgren Tribute Photo by Jorge

old school cherry tattoo

Photo by Jorge Grisi
Cherry's Sunny Day Foto por Luiza

old school cherry tattoos

Foto por Luiza Burlamaqui
The Last Temptation Check out my

old school design tattoo

Check out my website www.colmoconnor.com for original paintings and prints, along with commissioned work such as portraits, drawings, tattoo/tattoo designs and murals.

Three random tattoo ideas

ManWoman - Artist, Poet, Warrior Canadian ManWoman is

eye symbol tattoo

Canadian ManWoman is a unique and controversial artist, bringing with him a message of peace and love tattooed all over. Formerly Patrick Charles Kemball, ManWoman was born after a strange out-of-body experience where he believes he touched the Hand of God. ManWoman began a quest to regain the Gentle Swastika, the ancient peace symbol, misappropriated by the Nazis. His journey has included covering his body in over 200 tattoos, mostly Swastikas from cultures across the globe and also a third eye, inked in the centre of his forehead. ManWoman has exhibited his artwork (including a series of 'sacred vaginas' and 'sacred penises') at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles and is collected by comedian Dan Aykroyd. www.bizarrearchive.com www.bizarremag.com
grind now shine later something i drew

drawing of skulls and roses

something i drew up for a tattoo i am pretty sure this will be my next tattoo that i get
IMG_0669 my 5 year

sisters butterfly tattoo

my 5 year old little sister, she's a mini version of me, and she's broken her arm :( she called to make an appointment to have her hot pink cast "tattooed" what a sweetheart! of course, she went traditional: a rose and a butterfly! that cast material is hard as hell to get any detail in. we used paint pens. a fun time was had by all