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Orion Tattoo End Result Inked on 15.07.2006

tattoo orion

Inked on 15.07.2006 by Clive Billingham of Ink 2 Envy, Southsea. I changed the design a little so the belt stars were smaller and didn't overlap. I love it, but still don't know what to fill the stars in with... I think they look a little naked like this.
my stars 03 my newly inked

orion stars tattoo

my newly inked skin.
ORION i've been waiting

tattoo de orion

i've been waiting to do this tat for some time - finally did it about a month ago.
First pass in black After the first

constellation orion tattoo

After the first pass with black washes. Artist: Conan Lea volutatattoo.com/
Marker Concept The first concept

orion constellation tattoo

The first concept in marker. the circles represent where the stars for the constellation will be. The nebula behind is meant to have a sort of 'swirling' motion and drawing the eye (and bits of bare skin) in towards the center. Artist: Conan Lea volutatattoo.com/
End Session #1 After the first

orion tattoo constellation

After the first session of two hours. Another four horu or so session is needed. So far this has the star positions outlined and the first pass of white done. Around is is the "color value outline" (as the artist termed it) that will blend and become the finished nebula. You can see bits where he will put in flares, pockets and bubbles within the nebula. Artist: Conan Lea volutatattoo.com/
Hanging with Orion Boys I have all

tattoos or orion

I have all these friends from places I've worked. We always stay in touch. It's a network. I hung out with an Orion boy the other night. We listened to Chuck Berry and Nina Simone. We compared tattoos and I have none.

Three random tattoo ideas

not i the reason henry

bird tat

the reason henry came to new york last week! he got it at ny adorned's new brooklyn shop.
Tattoo - Katie and Me with the final product covered in Vaseline For more geek

name tattoos benjamin

For more geek / art / writing / photo / neurological disordered madness from me: benchilada.livejournal.com Geek life, bitches. The new Time Lord insignia was created by Graphic Designer Peter McKinstry. Inkwork by Katie Cain of No Regrets Tattoos. The tattoo also made it to Geeky Tattoos and was twitter.com/rstevens/statuses/7850486975, who designed the shirt. To my knowledge, I was the first person who got this done. :)
demon samuri tattoo Tattooed by Ray

ray crayford tattoo

Tattooed by Ray at The Tattoo Studio, Crayford