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#206 Aporia 28-06-2010 We spent

ouroboros tattoo

28-06-2010 We spent a wonderful evening, shooting at the lake and in the golden fields, with P_Mod and Apory . I love how I look like a boy dressed as a princess. (picture by P_Mod , originally uploaded on his flickr )
#33 theworldiswaiting 06-01-2010 One of

tattoo of the ouroboros

06-01-2010 One of my plan for this year was to travel a bit less, cause I'm damn broke and my health is too weak. Ok. I just bought already 6 bus and trains tickets only for this months, and have 3 big international trips half-planned before the end of the summer. Fail.
097/365 my back is

snake ouroboros

my back is killing me.
Ouroboros5 Starting your life

dragon ouroboros tattoo

Starting your life over at thirty-something was never on my to do list, looking for inspiration I turn to this ancient symbol, a serpent swallowing its own tail forming a circle, represents many things from cyclicality, unity, infinity to self-reflexivity. To be honest with you to me, its simply a rather fancy symbol that says sh*t happens, have a big heart and move on with your life, and the moment came when I was watching my puppy moving in circle motions attempting to devour her own tail, surely ouroboros tattoo is way better than a tattoo of my puppy chasing her own tail ;) I'm very pleased with the tattoo, the tatttoo artist is one of the best in the business, it sure worth the pain (yes, tattoo on your tender chest is painful), pretty penny and sure worth the wait to get the appointment for this tattoo; unfortunately my pics does not do a justice capturing it.
Ouroboros Original Art by


Original Art by Seonaidh. Notes: Reworked the dragon head into a more snakelike head and made the body less ribbonlike by using a solid brush rather than a quill.
new member of the family florian's new tattoo,

ouroboros dragon tattoo

florian's new tattoo, which he got last night, is an ouroboros , an ancient symbol of a dragon eating its own tail. it symbolizes self reflection and re-creation; he added the infinity motif cos it's pretty fucking cool. inked by the fabulous miranda at pop's tattoo emporium in kingston, ny.
Healed Tattoo, My Ouroboros in White Ink This is it

ouroboros in white ink

This is it healed. I LOVE this design and I love that so many people ask me about it when they see it. They constantly want to touch it and think I've been branded. HOT! The color has come down nicely but I will still get a touch up on the slightly grey edges. It worked very well for my skin tone.
ouroboros wrist tattoo My first tattoo

ouroboros infinity tattoo

My first tattoo and my first cat (the cat came first and inspired the tattoo). Ouroboros symbolises constant change and rebirth, hence also eternity. The snake goes in circles meaning that we can't escape ourselves. Despite journeys we take and changes that happen to us along the way, we eventually go back to who we used to be (which may be both positive and negative, depending how you look at it) and in a way also go back to where we started. The tattoo was originally to be bigger so I'm afraid, it's also a symbol of my cowardice... As to the cat, he is a symbol of positive (although unexpected) change too. Anyway, I love both and I'm happy I got them.
Healing Tattoo After only 5

ouroboros tat

After only 5 days this is how the new tat is healing. Still a bit red and blotchy but it should even out in another week.
Amstramgram New set on

ouroboros tattoo gallery

New set on Zivity This has been shot by my dear Galou , just before I move, in my great creepy decayed cellar. We wanted to experiment shooting with a cobra flash. I love the result ! More previews on her gallery Click here to see the whole set.
almost finished Kitty ouroboros

ouroboros tattoos

Kitty ouroboros
Serpent's breath Unfinished work, nankim

serpent ouroboros tattoo

Unfinished work, nankim and watercolor on cason A4.
Cerberoboros Tattoo Design A remake of

tattoo design ouroboros

A remake of a previous drawing for a client.

Three random tattoo ideas

alice Bob Queiroz Brazilian

old school cat tattoos

Bob Queiroz Brazilian Tattoo Artist São Paulo - Brazil - novaescola4@hotmail.com www.gellystatoo.com.br 55 11 3813-7239
 My new tattoos,

name in wrist tattoos

My new tattoos, and also my first tattoos. Located on my forearms. (Done by Roy Ramirez at The Darkside Tattoo.) They are the chemical symbols for the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine plays in a role in regulation of behavior, motivation, reward, attention, learning and mood. Serotonin plays a role in regulation of mood, appetite, sleep, memory and learning. Together they both directly influence happiness/sadness/depression/anxiety, which are all issues I have struggled with my entire life. These tattoos serve as reminders that my body literally can (and does) make my own happiness. It is also a reminder that under any circumstance I can also choose happiness over anxiety or depression, that I CAN conquer it, and to remember how I have overcome so much in the past year.