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Patience... So I went

tattoo for patience

So I went to visit my cousin, who is an amazing tattoo artist, the other day. Imagine my surprise when I walk in his studio and find him tattooing on himself. Apparently he needed a daily reminder to be patient!
was that a bite? Srengsengsawah, Depok, Indonesia

patience tattoo gallery

Srengsengsawah, Depok, Indonesia
patience tattoo i have to

tattoo of patience

i have to wait a couple more weeks for color, but i'm so thrilled with how this turned out. Lexi at Laughing Buddha turned my crappy little sketch into an amazing work of art and she did an absolutely flawless job on the outlines. I'll blog sometime soon about what this whole "patience" thing means to me and the specific plants represented.
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Three random tattoo ideas

my babies are done! After months of

tattoo cross designs by myself

After months of work, lots of sewing and a few printer dramas, my Stitch'd Ink kits are ready to head out into the world and get stitched up by some lovely crafters willing to give them new homes :-) yay, I'm off to get some much needed sleep!!!! check profile for link, you know the drill ;-)