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eating my piercing @ lucky tattoo

tattoo uma e um peixe

@ lucky tattoo
carpa y love my

tatuagem de um peixe carpa

y love my tattoo
bleh @ lucky tattoo

tatuagem em peixe

@ lucky tattoo
flower by debbs @ lucky tattoo

tatuagem peixe

@ lucky tattoo
Fala, peixe! O Fra fez

tatuagens de carpa peixe

O Fra fez a tatu dele hj :D
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Three random tattoo ideas

NOT child friendly. (Although there was

tattoo on the side girl

(Although there was a 3 yo running around during the shoot, not my kids) What I shot today.... I wont post the rest, this is probably the tamest that still gets the point across. The girl that did this is stunning, really really just gorgeous. She is the one in the other 2 pics I uploaded today.
March 20, 2007 Oh snap.

tatuagem yes

Oh snap.