Peixe - Tattoowise

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eating my piercing @ lucky tattoo

tattoo uma e um peixe

@ lucky tattoo
carpa y love my

tatuagem de um peixe carpa

y love my tattoo
bleh @ lucky tattoo

tatuagem em peixe

@ lucky tattoo
flower by debbs @ lucky tattoo

tatuagem peixe

@ lucky tattoo
Fala, peixe! O Fra fez

tatuagens de carpa peixe

O Fra fez a tatu dele hj :D
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Three random tattoo ideas

The Grave Brothers The Klub, The

tattoos about brothers

The Klub, The Gaff, London, March 2009
DSC_2594 - Copy Broad back and

tattoo gallery for triceps

Broad back and shoulders
Resize of P1000642 The demon thing

bali tattoo artist

The demon thing was original tattoo when i was 18. The second tattoo was meant to be a cover up at "poppies tattoo". Pathetic!