Peixe - Tattoowise

eating my piercing @ lucky tattoo

tattoo uma e um peixe

@ lucky tattoo
carpa y love my

tatuagem de um peixe carpa

y love my tattoo
bleh @ lucky tattoo

tatuagem em peixe

@ lucky tattoo
flower by debbs @ lucky tattoo

tatuagem peixe

@ lucky tattoo
Fala, peixe! O Fra fez

tatuagens de carpa peixe

O Fra fez a tatu dele hj :D

Three random tattoo ideas

ankle flowers tattoo 3 justin at Metrocity

lotus para tatoo

justin at Metrocity Ink Tattoo
My new tattoo i just got

star tattoo side stomach

i just got this finished on tuesday the 13th of march 2007...orignally taken from anthony paul's original artwork
amy winehouse photo by john

black and white bee tattoo

photo by john aratan