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Mine. A pena significa

pena in tattoo

A pena significa elevação espiritual, e os pássaros... Liberdade!
Tattoo Tatuagem novinha. Pena

tattoo by pena

Tatuagem novinha. Pena de caligrafia. Brand new tattoo. Calligraphy nib. Tatuagem: Tinico
sequencia Cover up

tattoo com pena

Cover up
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Three random tattoo ideas

And I dreamt of you Searching till I

rose tattoos for a shoulder

Searching till I find my princess whose passionate eyes cut right through me for what is life if love only exists in thy thoughts? what is romance if it is all fiction? nothing but a portrait left empty, a passing cloud of hurt by to meet my love in the flesh is to find my whole heart your heart breaks through me your love is the key longing for my hearts door to what day till I see sunrays shine upon your face I dream of you the way you look the beating of love in your heart your words are like the flowing of a spring, knowing thy love waits for me until eternity's end is this poetry or is this love's sickness engulfing my very being.