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Mine. A pena significa

pena in tattoo

A pena significa elevação espiritual, e os pássaros... Liberdade!
Tattoo Tatuagem novinha. Pena

tattoo by pena

Tatuagem novinha. Pena de caligrafia. Brand new tattoo. Calligraphy nib. Tatuagem: Tinico
sequencia Cover up

tattoo com pena

Cover up
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Three random tattoo ideas

Unlucky (close-up) Based on the

unlucky tattoo

Based on the wonderful, wonderful art of Mike Egan, who was gracious enough to give me permission to use two of his works, "Unlucky" and "Waiting for Heaven" as inspiration for tattoos. The tattoo adaptations couldn't possibly be as lovely as the original paintings, in part because the originals are in color and my skin doesn't take color faithfully (e.g., red comes out pink...), but I want to thank 'my' tattooer, Tim Corun of Jinx Proof in D.C. for his great work. Check out Mike Egan's website at: Just for fun/because I'm weird, instead of just using my carpet as backdrop I used my super-cool crows Sword t-shirt. (The Sword rocks.)
The Shoreline #8 4-15-2012 it was the

man in the boat tattoos

it was the first time I've gone to the boat rental this year. Looking through the camera at these images was similar to going back in time. I felt that everything was so familiar and somewhat too easy. I'm unsure if I'll keep photographing there or strive to push the images in another direction.
Finished Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

two butterflies tattoos