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Mine. A pena significa

pena in tattoo

A pena significa elevação espiritual, e os pássaros... Liberdade!
Tattoo Tatuagem novinha. Pena

tattoo by pena

Tatuagem novinha. Pena de caligrafia. Brand new tattoo. Calligraphy nib. Tatuagem: Tinico
sequencia Cover up

tattoo com pena

Cover up
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Three random tattoo ideas

122/365: A Certain Shade Of Green. This t-shirt came

feather tattoo behind ears

This t-shirt came in the mail today. It came because I ordered it. I ordered it because it is awesome. It is awesome because the world is full of talented artists using their brilliance just to try to earn a few extra dollars in a world where money appears to be more important than the water we drink and the air we breathe. Someday the animal upon this shirt will be extinct for this exact reason. I bet you one lump sum of debt that some country has amassed that it's already endangered. Just as art for arts sake is as well. Strobist: One Vivitar 285HV camera right at subjects 11 o'clock, shot through umbrella. Texture: Eagle 10_quaddles by *quaddles -