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japanese koi 5 Japanese Koi Shoes

custom peony tattoo

Japanese Koi Shoes Ok, so the last thing I wanna do is to paint another pair of those tattoo inspired shoe... Yep, you've seen them all, folks! Ed Hardy, Sailor Jerry Converse, Vans and the list goes on... I always thought that maybe I could try work on something that looks less like a Japanese tattoo on shoes but more like a painting inspired by Japanese tattoo, you dig? Perhaps, this way... those who are not Japanese tattoo (or any tattoos for that matter) would fancy a pair of these. Thoughts, anyone?
flower tattoo peony tattoo blue tattoo flower tattoo peony

blue peony tattoos

flower tattoo peony tattoo blue tattoo Jared Preslar Lucky Bamboo tattoo 1155 north main st suite 8 Layton utah 84015
Peony and Bamboo Pink peony and

peony flowers

Pink peony and bamboo in the sunshine. Pencil, digitally edited for softness.
Tiger Nice young lady

tiger tattoo with peony

Nice young lady and good buddy got this piece from me recently.
Butterfly Girl In Progress

butterfly peony tattoo
Me 10-12-08 2a My tattoo- by

lotus flower and peony tattoos

My tattoo- by Nina at the Laughing Buddha in Seattle, WA. A lotus, peony, and lily.
Tattoo sketch This is just

peony tattoo sketch

This is just a preliminary sketch. Any thoughts?
jamesback 1st sitting.

snake peony tattoo

1st sitting.
Peony Bag Just finished restyling

vintage peony tattoo

Just finished restyling this vintage Airway Industries bag by painting a pretty Peony on it with acrylics! I would love to get some feedback before I launch it on my etsy!
Foo Dog Tattoo Foo Dog traditional.

foo dog peony tattoo

Foo Dog traditional. Tattoo and Co. Artist Javier Acero
hebi to botan gakkin, free hand

japan flower peony

gakkin, free hand work. see more
i love this peony!!! work in progress...thanks

japan tattoo peony

work in progress...thanks giuly for your patience...

japanese peony flower picture

fully made in markers
seagull www, gakkin,s work

japanese peony flower tattoos

www, gakkin,s work

Three random tattoo ideas

Tatoo Tradition. Self-portrait.

tattoos em sp

Left Wrist 2010 Hipstamatic App

swallow tattoo on wrist

2010 Hipstamatic App
pink is my fave color lauren